How Google Can Help You Find Your Lost Smartphone With The Site Tracking Services Provided?

Finding Your Lost Smartphone With The Site Tracking Services Provided

Google Inc. came out with an easy to install search engine. With this feature, users only need to enter the "Find My Phone" command to know the approximate side of the device.

The user must ensure that he has installed the latest Google Android application. In addition, the Google Android Manager site tracking service must be enabled.

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Missing phone search function

If you have moved your smartphone or left somewhere in the house, you do not have to panic. Users must enter the search engine "Search My Phone" command only to know the estimated position of the device.

The only catch is that the new search function only works with Android phones. The feature also helps the user to lock and delete the data when they miss the device that the device is missing.

The function removes this task from a distance. The user does not need to report to the Customer Service Center to block the stolen device.

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How does it work?

Usually, Android Device Manager allows the user to touch your device everywhere. Users can use this feature to find a missing device. This time is long enough to help people find the missing phone easily.

In addition, users must ensure that the tracking service on their phones is enabled. In order to use this feature, users must install the latest version of the Google app on their registered device. The touch function works well with the tracker's location to find the device.

If there is no answer, the function warns users to decide whether the remote device should be operated. After the response has been received, the function removes data and closes the device.

Google has created a new search engine feature calling the missing phone. This feature works with the site tracking services provided by the company to locate the device. Read the full article to understand its other features.

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