How to choose Your Camera Backpack?

It's easy to buy the first thing that looks good. And let's see, some of the backpacks are very sweet. You get a backpack to look good, or you buy one that fits your photographic equipment and will also be easy on long walks on your back.

Top players

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The biggest brands are not always the best to meet your needs. But for our ordinary mortals they cover our needs and we are doing well. The most notorious are Tamrac, Lowepro, Kata and Crumpler. Of course, we must acknowledge that there are some other manufacturers who make more specialized or backpacks, but for this lesson, the camera packs 101, we will not go into detail.

Main Features Description

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For the most part, Tamrac and Lowepro play the same game. Classic design, SLR camera bags, camera backpacks and everything else. This is not necessarily a bad thing; They have high quality products that can withstand many abuses. The Tamrac and Lowepro backpacks are very spacious and Tamrac's products are a bit bulky for my taste. And another thing that does not fit my taste is the old school design, even the new ones tend to look old, perhaps because of the colors they have chosen. A whole different game can be seen in the backyard of Kata and Crumpler. Kata distinguishes itself by creating a science fiction design with classic colors, while the Crumpler has some excellent and modern designs with cool colors. In Kata backpacks you do not see many vertical or horizontal zippers, so it's science fiction design. The Kata and Crumpler camera backpacks make you aware of the crowd. If a small subjectivity here, prefer Crumpler. An important thing Crumpler is commenting that as of this writing, Crumpler backpacks were the only four brands that passed the airline's rules for hand luggage. And your camera is not what you want to throw away the luggage handlers at the airport. To be on the safe side, check the current regulations before buying this if it matters to you.

Price tag

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Some Lowepro models can start at $ 75, while at the same time, Crumpler backpacks start over $ 200. Repeat what said before, Lowepro and Tamrac are of high quality, without a doubt. So if the Crumpler seems a bit expensive, usually think of Apple's backpacks: it's a bit expensive, but you get a great design.

The four brands that spoken have this standard but do not bother you, an uncomfortable backpack is a breaker (and back). Follow these simple tips and you have a backpack that you fall in love with very little. For more information, check the camera backpack section and specific questions about the same site on the contact page.

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