Set up a Projector for a Meeting when You Present a Presentation

When you present a presentation, show your work or mark a topic in the workplace, you have a number of tools to help you get the best answer. These range from classic Flip Chart to interactive tables, but there is no useful tool more than the projector.

They help us share our thoughts with spaces full of people, and they are a valuable business tool, but not if they are not well-founded. Incorrectly configured configuration projectors can mean faded images, cluttered text, and stretched videos. So, in this short guide, we share the need to set up your projector for a meeting.

Depending on the size of your photo, it fits closer (smaller photo) or more (larger photo) away from the wall. Use a table as the default for your projector and try distances.

Most projectors are designed to place the lens above the bottom of the projection, so the projector is lower than what the final image should appear.

1. Connect and turn on

image from Diamond Multimedia

Connect your projector and connect it to the source (that is, your laptop, tablet or smartphone). Then turn on the projector.

2. Calibrate your image

image from Connect Your Meeting

An image must now appear on the desired surface. Find a calibration image online and customize the image with the controls on top of your projector until you get a perfect rectangular (or 4: 3) image. If you do not know how to use the controls on the top of the projector, refer to your instruction manual.

3. Select your image mode

image from Silvan

Most projectors have different modes. If you are in a dark room, a "Cinema" or "Movie" mode works well. If you are in a room with ambient light, but you need a brighter picture, your projector must have a way for it. Good luck!

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