Skateboarding facts get to know faster with a Good Skateboard!

Get to know faster with a Good Skateboard!

The wheels are not getting well, the trucks are bad. To get a good start and enjoy the start of the skateboard, I buy a good boarding pass.

Skating between $ 50 and $ 100 is good for beginners, making wheels and trucks well-made and easy to turn around.

Wheel size:
image from Warehouse Skateboards

54-56mm is the normal wheel size for skiers. If you only search for a skate cruiser, you can consider 58mm or larger wheels. The bigger the wheels, the float we cross, the less it will be to feel rocks or tears.

image from Tactics

The bearings are the small rings that go in the wheels. It's turning its wheel. The bearings come in Abec3, Abec5 and Abec7 and Abec9. ABEC is the commission of the ring bearing engineers and is the American method of assessing accuracy and tolerance. Most skateboards have Abec5 or Abec7 bearings.

Board Size:
image from nollie skateboarding

Children can skate a skate boat called "mini". Most skateboards are about 28 "-32" long. These skateboards are usually measured in their widths and not in their length.

image from Sidewalk Magazine

A skateboard deck is usually made of hard maple and has 7 layers of wood. The bigger the layer, the heavier the plate. 7 ply is perfect for beginners. If you are a beginner and choose a skateboard, it's best to buy a full skateboard.

Many stores have already chosen a good combination (setup) to make it easier for you. If you know and want to upgrade your skateboard, it's much easier to choose different wheels and lorries.

Some tips for restoring before starting or looking for a new skateboard:

* Bearers: Search for abec5 - Rated

* Board: Go to - 7+ Ply Deck

* Children's signs: Go to 7.25 "- 7.5" or less

* Smooth ride: Choose soft and big wheels

* Tips for tricks: Choose harder and smaller wheels

* Always wear a helmet and safety equipment

Choose your frame, go mashing and enjoy!

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