Technologies Leading Innovation Of Running Shoes Nike

Long time ago, Nike revised the shoe industry with Nike Air. The Nike Air technology often featured a section of material that served as a pillow on the back of the shoe. Since the liberation in the seventies, this technology has produced a high-tech racing industry.

With a few other brands competing in the same space, Nike has run the way in the development of running shoe technology since Nike Air. We will develop about the thirty years after the original Nike Air through the most popular technologies developed by Nike.

Shock technology

Shock technology Of Running Shoes Nike reviews

All road vehicles have buffers for a smooth ride. Nike took this concept and used shock absorbing pillars in the heel of their shoes using this technology.


LunarLite Of Running Shoes Nike reviews

The Nike Lunarlite Foam, which has just become popular, is Nike's inner material among the best running shoes.

Zoom air

Zoom air Of Running Shoes Nike reviews

The Nike Zoom Air is a thin material that kisses in the shoe midsole. Depending on the application, this can be segmented into the heel and feet, placed over the entire length of the shoe or even on the front of the shoe. Nike has developed this technology to ensure the cushion while maintaining extreme responsiveness.


Flywire Of Running Shoes Nike reviews
This is one of the latest technologies introduced by Nike.

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