The choice of a Glass or an Acrylic Fish Tank

What are the benefits of acrylic aquariums? ~ With the help of acrylic to make aquariums, the aquarium changed maintenance hobby for everyone. In the 1800s, fish tanks were mostly metal crates with one side of glass. When the silicone glue caught up in the sixties, the metal frames stopped and left the glass, and people were able to fish saltwater in their aquarium.

Then came acrylic. The acrylic is extremely flexible and, in contrast to the glass arrows, has reliable aquariums. With glass fish containers there is always the risk of breaking glass when you are forced with a heavy object to create a large amount of water everywhere and to fish everywhere.

Acrylic tanks are not in such a danger

image from SeaQuatic Aquariums

The possibilities of design with acrylic are endless. You can change everything from an old TV set to a gumball machine in a fish tank.

Acrylic fish tanks are very light. Especially when compared to glass containers, acrylic tanks are very light. Of course, when you insert the water, the tank becomes very heavy, but the tank will be much easier. The acrylic tanks are also very light. You can get the smallest tank for your favorite Betta fish or a huge aquarium for your wall. Of course, acrylic aquariums also have their problems.

Acrylic can be simpler than glass. The scrubbers must be made of rubber or plastic and never metal. Be careful not to pick up gravel with your sponge and scratch the surface of the tank.

However, if you accidentally scratch your acrylic tank you do not need to have despair. Acrylic tanks can be repaired. There are acrylic repair kits available.

When you get the prisoners of your new tank?

image from The New York Times

Make sure you buy your fish from famous specialty fish shops. Fish purchased in regular pet stores usually carry diseases and will not take long. Look at the tanks. There must be no dead fish. Choose the most energetic fish you see and ask the staff to give you what you choose.

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