Tips For Acrylic Tray For Retail Stores

Tips for Acrylic Tray for Retail Stores

Acrylic trays are the type of display device that nobody thinks, but they are everywhere. Resellers think hard because they can be the perfect item to display all kinds of products.

Whether you're using a bakery, a convenience store, a jewelry store or some other type of retail store, you'll find that acrylic shelves need the merchandising tool your business needs.

If you are considering an acrylic screen tray for your retail store, here are some tips to do it.

Acrylic trays are good for food

Acrylic trays are good for food

Acrylic trays offer smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that make them ideal for display cases. They are perfect for storing donuts, bagels and bakery. You can also add plates, baskets, shelves or acrylic storage boxes, where you can see pre-packaged foods.

This is a great way to show your prepackaged sweets, such as candy or baked goods. You can even put your home freezer with sturdy light dishes and everything from frozen cakes to TV dinners.

Invest in a Slatwall

Slatwall Acrylic trays

A slatwall is a panel with cut grooves, used to hang display elements such as shelves, acrylic trays, baskets, crates, racks or whatever the retailers need.

Deflectors are useful because, if the wall is generally stationary, accessories, including acrylic canvas trays, can be moved and rearranged according to your needs at this time. A single purchase of a slatwall gives you hundreds of options to display your products that you will not have otherwise.

Keeping an available variety

variety Acrylic trays

There are dozens of different types of acrylic trays that you can attach to a Slatwall platform. Some trays are almost completely flat because the acrylic shelves are raised with a few centimeters at the ends to prevent the goods from falling off.

Others are deeper, more like acrylic containers than actual acrylic trays. Some trays are designed with dividers, and you can buy them in different lengths, from a tray to five or more.

This helps to present your products organized and clean. Acrylic trays are one of the most useful display lamps available.

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