What Are Skateboard Bearings, Why Are They Used And How To Clean Them?

The wheels on a skateboard are fast and free because a wheel is used in each wheel which reduces the friction between the rotating wheels and the non-movable plate. The type of roller bearing used in the sporting equipment is called a miniature ball bearing; Each wheel needs two bearings, one on each side.

Skateboard bearings greatly affect the speed and precision of your skateboard.

The various types of skateboard bearings

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The skateboards have armored and sealed bearings. Each skateboard has armored bearings on one side, but on both sides you can buy armored bearings. With the lower protection, the dirt and grinding stops in the wheel and slows down, while the bearing is protected on both sides, so even dirt can get in the wheels. Bones Red Camps are ideal for anyone wanting to skateboard and skate, they are relatively cheap at around £ 15 for a package and are the best quality for their price. Bone-bearing bearings have speed lubricant and a red rubber shield without contact to protect the wheels.

Why should you clean your wheels and roller bearings?

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You must regularly clean your skate boilers, but especially when your skateboard is delayed or when the wheels make a bumpy noise when they turn. Cleaning the bearings regularly increases your life and the skate works best for you. There are many ways to clean wheels and bearings, which means removing wheels and skateboard bearings, but the skate works best.

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