What is the new trend in Android Application Development?

The internet boom brought us to the stage where we experienced a buoy in mobile applications. And as with any technology, the Internet, mobile phones and mobile applications - none of them can not survive without constant development to something new, something special, this is something that pushes you forward.

With the need to tailor more and more sophisticated applications, the subsequent necessity for watching Android app developers what is fashionable and even brilliant has also increased.

While these developers do an incredible job, let's take a look at what attracts attention, as some of the most promising trends in Android app development today are:

Portable devices

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Portable has changed our lives today. Just as we thought that producing portable technologies would be smart, it led to the portability of technology and thus the development of Android applications to new heights. Developers of Android applications are therefore almost always interested in working with this technology.

Beacon Technology

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One of the most surprising applications of what was originally available to iOS devices, is now Beacon Technology, made by almost all applications for Android applications out there. It's a new trend that wins an impressive step in the overall application of Android application development.

Were some of the best applications of beacon technology in detecting any form of danger in hotels instead of traditional hotel room key to customer terminal connections at airports by some airlines to adjust the temperature of a particular place and even some of the biggest players on the traces retail.

Enhanced Reality and Virtual Reality

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Reached, the exaggeration of AR and VR today is that people are looking for first-rate Android application developers, so mobile application technology for even higher heights. Enhanced reality and virtual reality were truly a cornerstone of the technology we use today.

It is a state-of-the-art technology that allows a person to feel a real life like life by stimulating their audience and vision. The development of Android applications has therefore found a use for AR in various areas such as games, video creation and even the medical world to help treat PTSS (posttraumatic stress disorder) or remote operations, and the like feed.

Instant apps

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We also have instant apps developed by Android application developers at Google. You have never needed an app for a certain thing, and then the app sends your mobile phone memory for no reason.

With this instant application technology, you can only download some of the application you need, instead of the full application with a simple click.

In-app payments

image from Apple Developer

We are heading for a society without money. And if all sides today are also outraged in your mobile app because the Android application developers do not think about us in-app payments? Ecommerce and apps are updated today, making online payments a very important part of the Android app development process.

In addition, with Google's new Android Pay, both sellers and buyers will benefit. In general, the security feature of this application is considered to be better than most, and it is therefore a great advantage to see how users save their personal information, including credit / debit card details, without any view.

The development of Android applications has never been tested and tested about the methods or ideas; It has always been about innovation, uniqueness and regular updating of current applications.

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