What a Kindle App for ipad and read Kindle Books?

BlackBerry users are pleased with the recently launched Kindle for BlackBerry app, which is good news, but some may have forgotten a sentence in the press release.

From the press release, here is the second set of the opening section:

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"Amazon Whispersync technology saves and synchronizes your bookmarks with a customer on their Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, BlackBerry, and soon Mac and iPad, so customers always lose their lecture with them and never their place."

This press release shows that Amazon and Apple business partners are on the market. Yes, they can be great competitors, but to the top companies in this market, your partnership for this multi-million dollar business is crucial. They know that they must offer products that can work hand in hand to meet the growing needs of consumer-oriented technology.

The Kindle for iPhone app and the Amazon Stanza app are popular purchases from the Apple Store for iPhone and iPod. Amazon Kindle Store owns 90 percent of eBook sales, and together these two companies dominate the market.

Here's a future forecast:

image from Fast Company

Although iPad owners have the ability to read books on their shiny new device, they will not spend much time reading books. The reason is that the iPad is a multifunctional device that is sold to another type of consumer who devotes his time to performing other tasks. Conclusion: You will not buy many books from iBookstore.

With this, Amazon will maintain the eBook market at 80% -90% of revenue. The iPad will not compete in this market despite sales in the future. IPad owners find it easier to download the Kindle iPad app and read Kindle books. The Amazon can see a slight decline in sales of magazines and newspapers, but are they really selling a lot now?

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