Write and Sell an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing

How to Write and Sell an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing?

You have written a short novel or a novel, and now you want to publish it in the world. The traditional route that has to be published was to create your book and then find an agent to work with you who finally interested a publisher enough to place it.

Both agents and publishers are overwhelmed with unsolicited proposals and manuscripts, thus rejecting almost everything. EBooks have changed the publishing house and now offer new opportunities to publish your novel.

Of course, you can follow the traditional way to publish a book like a hardcover or a pocket, as well as in electronic form. However, if you want to enter the market as quickly as possible, you can publish it electronically, at no cost and without agents or publishers.

There are several ebook readers, but the Kindle is the reader, we focus on here. It is Amazon's best-selling product and dominates the market. But the principles are the same for other readers.

Merge everything for publicatio

Write your book for Ezine Publishing is nothing but paper. In particular, a novel needs an action and effective characters that the reader can recognize. Nowadays, the readers expect to tackle or move on in the first few lines.

The first 10% of your soap operas is visible on the Amazon page, so make sure that this is very good and reads the reader to read more. In a novel, it's great to have a secret here that wants to save the reader.

If you have, use Microsoft Word, as this is easiest to use with Kindle submissions. But you can definitely write with other software as long as you save the file in Word format as a "document."

If you do not have a good word processor, you can download a great free OpenOffice.org and download a free spreadsheet and other software). If you were the traditional route, the publisher would do that, but now you're the publisher!

There are free pictures that you can use here on public domainainpictures.net or you can take photos of your photos. Use Paint or similar programs to create a general image with at least 600 to 900 high by inserting all the pictures and eventually placing the title and the author's name.

But be careful to say that if your title is attractive or fascinating, the potential reader follows. But look at the small version of the cover on the Amazon, and that should also attract, otherwise they will never reach their "step" and the sound is what Amazon calls the "product description." Amazon says: "Write a convincing description of the book.

The description in your book gives customers the opportunity to learn about your book before making a purchase, so this is an opportunity to convince readers to buy your book." The ideal length is about 100 to 140 words. Amazon also recommends to include an index for the book, after the title page and copy writing.

Novellas often only have chapters without title. But consider dividing your book into 4 or 5 sections or sections, titles to correct the table of contents. NOTE: If you do this, use the TOC function built into the word processor - do not give your own because it does not work in the eBook.

If you've kept things well in your Word document, they can be loaded directly as your script, and Amazon will automatically convert it to Kindle format. So now you're ready to publish.

Become an editor in "Kindle Direct Publishing"

You must complete your cover image, as well as your "product description" ready to copy and paste, and your script in Word document format. Your first step in publishing is to get an Amazon.com account if you do not already have one.

So you need to register as an editor at Kindle Direct Publishing at kdp.amazon.com. You will of course post on the Amazon.com website, but your book may also go to international websites in the UK, Germany, and so forth. You are now an editor!

Publish your eBook

Now it's time to publish your novel. Then click the Add New Title button on your home page in KDP. Of course, if you suddenly get very popular, you can later increase the price.

But it has to be said that most of the best-selling "indie" books (by independent authors) 99c are priced. Then choose your price. You can also set rates for international sites if you want to sell.

In about 24 hours your book will be sold on Amazon websites. And if you're lucky, it may appear in your special section Amazon.com/kindleindiebooks. Tell friends, use Facebook or whatever you want. And good luck as an author and publisher!

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