The List Of Chocolate Bar Brands Of Reviewed And Rated

The list of chocolate bars

Also a list of chocolate bean manufacturers.
A chocolate bar is a confectionery in the form of bars consisting of some or all of the following components: particulates of cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and/or milk.

The relative presence or absence of these components form the subclasses of dark chocolate, chocolate chocolate, and white chocolate. In most English-speaking countries, the chocolate bar also refers to what is sometimes called a chocolate bar in American English.

It's a form of confectionery products, usually packed in a bar or a magazine form, often covered with chocolate, and size as a snack for a person. The term has a range of products, ranging from solid chocolate bars to several layers or mixtures of ingredients such as walnuts, fruits, caramels and chocolates.

Wonka bar

chocolate bar brands

People were so fascinated by the idea of this delight, as presented in the 1964 Roald Dahl novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that the Quaker company, which financed the version of the 1971 film, decided to make it a reality.
The promotional stunt that marked the first fictitious chocolate bar was "a great sensation at the time," says the historian Candy Darlene Lacy, and the bars remain popular today.

Milky Way

chocolate bar brands

When this bar debuted in 1923, he was the first to receive inspiration from Royal dessert: a milk milkshake.

Baby Ruth

chocolate bar brands

When this bar began in 1921, its creators claimed that he had been appointed after the daughter of President Grover Cleveland Ruth (who died 17 years ago, at age 12).

Nestlé Crunch

chocolate bar brands

Prior to the introduction of this bar in 1937, the candy was a little richer: walnuts, caramels, and so on, but with cheap rice mud, Nestlé helped keep in mind the idea that candy could be almost everything you put into chocolate-an idea that led to Lowering the prices of candy and spawning things like rice.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate

chocolate bar brands

The village "the carefree family of Cadbury" in Birmingham, England, where these bars were created in 1897, helped to inspire Milton Hershey, Pennsylvania. "It was a kind of social utopia," explains Deborah Cadbury, a descendant of the family and the author of Chocolate Wars.
Despite the fact that Cadburys no longer owns the company, their influence still hangs: their milk and 5-star stripes are the world's most sold clothes.

Scharffen Berger

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The first widely used "hand-candy" chocolate bar, "bean Bar", preferably with darker chocolate launched in 1997, based on the shifting tastes that require thinner products manufactured in small lots.

His success-Scharffen Berger was purchased at Hershey in 2005-" set by the stage of artisanal chocolate bars," says chocolate: Author of the "Sweet Stories of Beth Kimmerle", who gave birth to the black stripes of the Mast Brothers, chocolate bars with Bacon and a lot.

Chocolate from Granada

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Since the chocolate bars are produced mainly in Europe and North America, farmers who have made them possible thanks to the growing cocoa in the tropical climate-are not able to enjoy full rewards.

A chocolate grenade, founded in 1999 by American ex-Pat, searches for a buck that the trend is that his cocoa beans are grown and transformed into bars wholly part of their country of origin, contributing to economic growth and employment for the inhabitants.

Chicken Dinner

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The bar, the Prime Minister of which was held in 1923, was the first bar of chocolate to continue as a nutritious product; An advertisement packed with nuts like "sweets are good."
Although Sperry Chicken dinner was interrupted in 1960, his success helped create the energy industry by paving the way for tags like Cliff and Luna, whose bars offer vitamins with chocolate, caramel and more doses.

The Giggle

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More than 80 years after the exit in 1930, this Mars bar is the world's best-selling confectionery. It also says "Kimmerle", which helps you giggle about confectionery products: nougat, caramel and peanuts in chocolate, of course.

Nestlé 's Milk Chocolate

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Before the bar was introduced in 1875, the chocolate bar was bitter, chewy, and dark. And chocolate could not get to normal milk because the liquid offered the growth of Mildew.


chocolate bar brands

Now Lacey calls Swiss treatment "from the perspective of the global market for sweets" and filling the standard in bars such as the joy of almonds, mounds, and the Three Musketeers.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate

chocolate bar brands

Nestlé may have invented milk chocolate, but Hershey made it primary. The construction of your factory right in the middle of the dairy land-and the use of local milk to expand production-Milton Hershey has an unsurpassed distribution network says that the sweet tooth writer Keith Hopkins is turning chocolate into American obsession.

Kit Kat

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In addition to being the first candy to be sold on a shared-use basis, which helped turn chocolate into a social snack, Keith Kat was also the first to win a global follow-up.

After a few decades, Keith Kat is still a global obsession: Last year, the Android Google announced that the new operating system would be called "KitKat", and in January Tokyo accepted the first "total Kat" store with Flavors such as edamame soybeans, violet sweet potatoes and wasabi.

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