Top 10 Brands Of The World's Most Famous Chocolate Brand Names

Chocolate brand names. Chocolate has long been seen as one of the most romantic gifts for lovers and partners, especially in special cases such as Valentine's Day. The following is a list of the top 10 Chocolate brand names in the world that will never have underestimated currents.

1. Chocolate brand names - Kit Kat

chocolate brand names

Kit-Kat (or Cat kit as the original name) was first presented to the customer in 1935 with brandings, such as wheat and milk bars. The company then continued its success with a great variety of categories such as hot chocolate or biscuits mixed with caramel, honey or fruit.

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At present, the brand is increasingly known as a significant gift for friends and families in the world. The interesting thing about this chocolate is that users can just break the whale-Kat into equal parts, making sure that their children will never be angry. The above items are sufficient to convince someone that Keith Kat is among the dozens of placenta tags.

2. Chocolate brand names - Lindt & Sprungli

chocolate brand names

If you're looking for a chocolate bar for your charming children and women, Lindt and Sprungli should be the best choice of chocolate bars for you and your loved ones.

As one of the ten largest producers of chocolate around the world, Lindt and Sprungli take all necessary steps to make their desserts one in life, thanks to a deep combination of milk and granulating ingredients with some typical Tastes of fruit. Your gift is ideally suited to the bottom edge in a beautiful gift box.

3. Chocolate brand names - Cadbury

chocolate brand names

The following list Cadbury the story of almost 200 years of chocolate art creation. Cadbury products offer delicious flavours of milk, fruits, sugar, cream or even MEDA in the types of beautiful bars, walnuts, crisps, or biscuits. Cadbury is always more popular with every age and genre because of his taste, sweetness, and beautiful shape. Anyone can just look at the Cadbury bag of chips with one of the finest chocolate stamps around the world.

4. Chocolate brand names - Toblerone

chocolate brand names

Starting with luxury desserts for royalty in Switzerland, Toblerone today is one of the world's most first-rate chocolate brands. Millions of the fans of this chocolate brandy always aspire to a special little prism made of almonds, honey, nougat, and rich cocoa, all of which blend together.

Toblerone chocolate bar is very charming and unclear, with unique shapes and distinctive flavours. There is no denying that this brand is always displayed in the top selling of chocolate bars every year.

5. Chocolate brand names - Mars

chocolate brand names

Mars is one of the most popular and best chocolate brands around the world with a chocolate industry of about 100 years. In the United Kingdom, Mars has a first-class recipe for rich ingredients, including sweet honey, covered caramel, added night and shredded almonds.

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The most charming boxes that were decorated have always put Mars chocolate bars in the top list for those who find meaningful gifts for their relatives and friends. In addition, Mars offers a few extra marks for the giggling, American heritage, the Milky Way ... Helps you become one of the most trusted friends for all RAS clients.

6. Chocolate brand names - Patchi

chocolate brand names

In addition to the magic ingredients of meat milk and high cocoa, patchy bring "the best in the world" to anyone who has a taste and a sense of water. Well known as one of the best gifts for his loved ones, patches are the perfect combination of the original Swiss and Belgian tastes. Patchi can be listed in the best selling of chocolate bars.

7. Chocolate brand names - Ghirardelli

chocolate brand names

Italian chocolate Ghirardelli on Sunday started making a favourite Ghirardelli chocolate mark at 1852. The main ingredients include milk, cream, cocoa and caramel. Who will resist the sweet mix that the best Italian artisans make? Ghirardelli Chocolate brandy is historical.

At present, its current headquarters is located in the United States. Did you know that every year Ghirardelli organizes an annual two-day festival that shows the most incredible dairy-chocolate disc? You can easily recognize Ghirardelli chocolate with the exquisite chocolate design. It actually becomes January 1, and one of the finest chocolate brands in the world.

8. Chocolate brand names - Galaxy

chocolate brand names

Possession of an integral part of "Mars", for example in the Middle East, the United States, and especially throughout the United Kingdom. Founded in 1986, The Secret of chocolate is thrilled with ripped milk and cocoa, mixes with fruit flavours.

9. Chocolate brand names - Guylian

chocolate brand names

The brand of chocolate Guylian from Belgium. This is the famous chocolate that is offered in more than 40 countries around the world. Guylian is best known to make hand cocoa cookies.

Moreover, Julian is even better known for its Chocolate Horse, which is the logo of the Guylian company. The tail of the Seahorse Guylian curves on the opposite side of the tail of the Royal Sea Horse. In addition, win 2005 title for the largest Easter egg of all time.

10. Chocolate brand names - Ferrero Rocher

chocolate brand names

Last but not least, Ferrero Rocher is considered one of the best chocolates in the world, not only because of his high quality of chocolate, the beautiful appearance, and the culture and model of chocolate that have been placed around the world.

Chocolate companies. As the leading mark of chocolate in the world, Ferrero Roscher has been at the peak for over 200 years. Since 1981, Ferrero Roscher attracts millions of people with a passion for chocolate in every corner of the globe.

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With a gift for your friends, relatives, or partners, they feel "every" love for you through the deep care and the highly professional skills of the Roscher creators. Inside, it's the perfect chocolate plate of milk. Outside, it's a golden prize like yellow wrappers. And finally, he who receives his gift will feel his love, only in the chocolate bar Ferrero Roscher.

Even for the most demanding people, these top 10 best chocolate brand names around the world can't allow you to be the perfect gift for special occasions. Enjoy all the tastes of the finest chocolate bars in the world.

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