11 Chocolate Cereal Brands

With the exception of general sugar and those who swim with marshmallows, it seems that cereal grains have carved out their own sweet niche, especially in the area of good breakfast. It's ladies and gentlemen, all right, really. It turns out, chocolate and spilt milk in the pool compared to chocolate is a pretty clear coincidence in the sky.

Fortunately, these brave comrades have been replaced by others that are no less delicious. Here are the twelve finest chocolate grains of all time. Yes, I know I left a couple like chocolate for, IE, because it's not chocolate corn, only the same deal with the bits that were tossed into a good measure.

It's not on the list. Others, for the most part, are just disgusting and must be flooded in the outermost depths of hell, IE: Chocolate life. For the alternative, take the chocolate breakfast. All right, with the show.

1. Kellogg’s Chocolate Flavored Kombos

To be honest, I just remember this cereal very vaguely, but seeing as chocolate, it had to be at least very good. If anyone knows about an open box, I'll be happy to eat it, regardless of their mature shelf life.

2. Kellogg’s Cocoa Hoots

Now I remember that. My crazy grandmother and bats insisted on keeping almost every element in her home, as far as my brothers and I were concerned, or in the case of a nuclear holocaust. They were really good, and frankly, they had only a soft chocolate flavour compared to modern models, especially.

3. General Mills Chocolate Chex

I really appreciate the occasional snacks for breakfast, I can't testify to everyone on the website, but I like to be even more delicious when mixed in a bowl with a few other flavours, such as walnuts and pretzels. So it makes sense that a mixture of snacks (where I've heard this before?) would be better with salt chocolate, wouldn't it?

4. Nestle Nesquik Cereal

Now, for many, the whole reason for eating chocolate cereal is to buy the rich kindness that eventually becomes milk. In this case, the people in Nestlé took their prescription to blend the milk and turned it into a grain cake.

5. Kellogg’s Smorz

Disgusting spelling mistakes Nevertheless, these cereal is excellent. I live for the taste of a campfire, though I hate camping or, actually, even that. Anyway, get a combination of graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallows and toss them in the box and, just to put up with the laughter, the spell that makes the kindergarten tremble, and you have some sweet cereal.

6. Ralston Cookie Crisp

Yes, yes, breakfast cookies are forbidden and immature but screw this mess, cookie biscuits are amazing, amazing business. They're really small cookies, and they can be almost copied with some tiny sweet snacks in the dumpster and pour it into the milk.

Because of the addition of a stabilizer they use to make these little jewels instantly into wet junk, more or less prevents the chef from home from creating his own version.

7. General Mills Reese’s Puffs

We like General Mills, in the upper corner, and all that cereal is made of the whole grain. If you get this cereal, you get it because you fucking want candy for breakfast and find a loophole. Yum.

8. General Mills Count Chocula

If you call yourself a cute cereal fan, and you have no or no intention of trying, grains with monsters go on foot in front of the bus. All the other monsters are the fruits: Burberry, Frankenberry, fruity delicious mummy, and the gross fruit, but the Big Boss, the dark leader, pierced him with the most seductive taste of all. That's right, chocolate.

These cereal bits include marshmallow pieces and small, I don't know, wheels of wagons and coats in the splendour of toffee. We'll bow to you, count.

9. General Mills Cocoa Puffs

One of the chocolates and grandparents, the cocoa, it's more than no, a favourite turn for kids, just like my own. This material will instantly turn your white brown milk almost quickly. Uh.

10. Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies

Friends and relatives in all the other rice families, cocoa cereal is the darkest, most nervous brother who refuses to change, succumb to additives, or move his prescription anyway.

Look around, all the other members of the grain family were for fruit flowers and fragrances, Mallov bit or mood, and that's for one reason or another. It's talking cereal you want when you're thirsty to tie, cod, and pop adorned with deep, cocoa-kindness.

11. Post-Cocoa Pebbles

Take Flintstones homonyms, a mixture of cereals that is not well-fried rice, but something different and much more special, and you have a chocolate number that is all the time.

Of course, he signs quickly, he really believes is the right chocolate coating in his milk, and it's as rich as a whole chocolate bar, but that's what makes this cereal the best way to get control over chocolate breakfast. Very well!

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