9 The Top Famous German Chocolate Brands List

The famous German chocolate brands list in here

The grains are a high-quality arabica that forms a good basis for any coffee and the mixture works on the machine. Recommended if you think you deserve a reward for a tough day, it's a good alternative to a lot of Black Forest cake.

Unfortunately, coffee has no cherries. Swiss chocolate with almonds is the main rival of Timothy World's German chocolate cake. He has many people who say they can never get enough.

Below is the famous German chocolate brands list:

1. Aldi

german chocolate brands list

Do you have an Aldi store in your neighbourhood? If so, you may be surprised to find that they have many wonderful, high-quality European chocolates! Growth in Norway, I'm screwed with big chocolate, and for me, the regular Hershey bar will never change. It won't melt well, and I find it rude.

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And before I walk, no, I don't work for Aldi, and I don't get paid for advertising. I just want to share my search with others.

Aldi is a commercial supermarket based in Germany and in its shops some of the European sensations. When the Aldi store opened in the vicinity of where we lived, I was thrilled because many of their products were sold at lower prices, and most of us were satisfied with the quality of our products.

I recently wrote a post about what I like to buy in Aldi, 20 lists of favourite products Aldi, and, of course, chocolate made the list! When I discovered Aldi, I didn't even know that their chocolate was something special until I looked at it and noticed that they were made in a Europe that was instantly interested in me.

I decided to buy a bar to try and find the quality, great! I really can't believe it; Excellent quality of chocolate at lower prices than other comparable brands. This is even more expensive than the regular Hershey bar, but there is no comparison with fragrance.

Aldi chocolates are smooth, creamy, rich, tasty and fluid at low temperatures, which gives you the impression that there is a high-quality product. Some of their chocolates are produced in Germany and some in Austria or even in Belgium.

European chocolate is known to be of high quality, and these bars are no exception. It's a real deal! They found it on the Aldi! Oh! I can't stop this costume!

2. Alnatura

german chocolate brands list
Alnatura Productions-und-Handel GmbH is a chain of organic food supermarkets whose headquarters are located in Bikkenbach, Hesse in Germany.

Alnatura currently operates 75 supermarkets in Germany, each of which is 500-800 square metres of retail trade, mainly Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. The company's first supermarket opened in Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, on October 1, 1987.

Alnatura products are also sold on the market at the DM-Drozherie Markt and the tag stores. These operations make half of the income.

In 2012, Alnatura began cooperating with Migros in Switzerland. Its newest cooperation is the establishment of 30 new Alnatura affiliates throughout the city centre of Switzerland.

3. Argenta

german chocolate brands list

Handelshaus Alden (renamed Rotstern 2004) creates chocolate Rotstern tables since 1998.

The Chocolate Factory "Friedel" belonged from the beginning of the year from 1990 to 2002. He recently rebuilt the chocolate production of traditional East German and Elbflorenz.

Handelshaus Alden (renamed Rotstern in 2004)-production of Rotstern chocolate bars since 1998.

The Chocolate Factory "Friedel" belonged from the beginning of the year from 90 to 2002. They recently restarted chocolate production with the institute's traditional stamps-Elbflorenz.

4. Arko

german chocolate brands list

Arko is a German company specializing in coffee and fine chocolates. When Arko started 60 years ago, customer satisfaction was at the heart of his thoughts and actions. This habit continues at the present time.

According to the ARKO site, they are signs to distinguish the connoisseurs. I wonder how I got my hands on chocolate. Once again, I was given a gift from a beloved traveller all over the world. Oh, yes, my friends know what I like!

This particular ARkO condescension is called Mark de Champagne Schokolade. This bar is a rich chocolate milk with a layer of 2.9% bubble champagne ganache. The cocoa content is 35%.

Sweet sweet and cream flavours are the first, followed by the original notes about the taste of champagne mark. Cocoa notes remain after completion.

By the way, Mark de Champagne is an uncoloured cognac, which is given because of the fact that grape leather was left in the process by clicking the first stages of the production of champagne.

Arko has many retail stores in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. They offer hand truffles, sweets, freshly cooked foods, and a high quality of the coffee.

The next time you pick up the sights around Germany, stop at ARKO shop and treat. No, you have two treats, one for you and one for me!

5. ASF Bossner Lebensmittel

german chocolate brands list

The company "F-Bossner Lebensmittel GmbH" was registered in Handelsregister No Amtsgericht Berlin, number HRB 50499 b. The registered legal form was a limited liability company. The place of residence was in Berlin. The recording was made on March 25, 1994.

New company: ASF Bossner Lebensmittel GmbH Marketing Services, trade in various types of goods, in particular foodstuffs, raw materials and means of production, especially brands "Bossner" and "Bossner Club" organization of trade fairs, Production of their own products and the formation of foreign specialists for commercial purposes.

6. Bohme Schokoladen

german chocolate brands list

The company's whereabouts are still at Dübener-Strasser in Delitzsch, where Albert Böhme and his son-in-law Carl people began with the production of confectionery products at 1894.

First, the products were sold on the market in Delitzsch and fairs; Shortly thereafter, family chocolate shops were opened. The popularity of chocolate products spread beyond the Delitzsch in Leipzig and Halle and a large company developed from a small start.

In 1906, Böhme Brothers were renamed "Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik AG" and thus enjoys the status of a joint stock company, which, however, remains firm in the hands of the family.

From the outset, management believes that there is great confidence in the skills of its staff, who are trained to work within the company. In 1909 Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik receives the official permission of the city of Delitzsch to train the students.

The tradition of internal training and close relations committed to the city and the Delitzsch region remain one of the pillars of the company today.

After two world wars and at the time when Germany was divided, the name of the trademark of Böhme was retained in western Germany with a small variety of chocolate, sweets, sweets, sweets and chocolates filled with brandy distributed by the company Bissell.

In the years of the GDR, former Böhme AG was transformed into a company of people as a result of the reform of the socialist economy Thanks to the skill of the hard and skilled workers, the knowledge and skills of chocolate production were preserved during this time.

After the reunification, the company becomes wholly owned by the subsidiary of Companhia Bissell. In subsequent years, Wissoll converts Delitzsch place into one of the most modern almond factories. With the support of the city and the Delitzsch, it was possible to revive the old Böhme/Delitzscher company.

Currently, the Chocolate Factory in Delitzsch is a support company Halloren Schokoladenfabrik AG. When restarting a Delitzscher brand that still has a good reputation in adjacent areas, the company will return to its local roots.

In order to further develop the brand, we are now working closely with a comprehensive marketing concept. In addition, the ever-expanding business line of etiquette is of great importance to Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik GmbH.

As a medium-sized enterprise, we are proud of the high turnover of our export activities to Europe. East and West, North America and Asia. We have been created as an innovative and creative partner in the field of trade and industry.

7. Cavalli

german chocolate brands list
For his high-quality chocolate collection, Roberto Cavalli chooses La Molina, upper Couture from hand chocolate in Tuscany, expression of creativity, taste, and technical skill.

Inspired by the skill and style of the Italian fashion house, the workshop chocolates created intriguing and unusual combinations, choosing only natural and fresh ingredients, respecting their seasonality, following a mission that was always characterized by Chocolate La Molina.

The exchange of values between the two mesons resulted in the birth of a new elegant kitchen.

8. Cavendish and Harvey

german chocolate brands list

For more than 30 years, Cavendish and Harvey dedicated themselves to creating confectionery products that wet their mouths.

From the selection of the best ingredients and the creation of elegant recipes, according to our strict quality standards, our guiding principle is always proud of the place: the creation of individual jewellery that makes resistance to temptation difficult.

As a family business with our headquarters in Kaltenkirchen, Germany, we have presented customers in more than 80 countries around the world with unrivalled confectionery experience.

Each year we produce more than 2 200 000 000 confectionery products, in more than 25 000 000 cans. Eighty percent of our products are exported, which makes us a truly global brand.

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Instinct and propensity We are a confectionery dedicated to creating an irresistible moment of happiness for all those who surrender in our products. We are proud of our brands and our products. That's our credo. It means peace to us. Cavendish and Harvey: confectionery for connoisseurs.

9. Confiserie Kaffeehaus Gmeiner

german chocolate brands list

Since 1898 we know about our exclusive specialities. Let us convince you of our range of beautiful Konfiserie products and the possibility of combining your name with our beautiful products.

Starting with the release of only 25 parts, we can adapt to you. With the logo. Print the logo to customize the packaging to your company type we'll take individual adaptations, fasten greeting cards, and send them to the right date around the world.

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