How To Make Simply Good Healthy Chocolate Bar Recipes?

Simply Good Healthy Chocolate Bar Recipes - But first ... Let's talk about the main secret ingredient in these healthy chocolate bars ... Now, in this recipe, all the ingredients have excellent health properties, but they write a book to discuss them. So, coconut oil for today.

There are many benefits to coconut oil in these healthy chocolate bars.

And if you know me, you know I'm a big fan and a supporter of your use in everyday life. And here are some of the main reasons ...

Weight loss

Weight loss Chocolate Bar Recipes

Coconut oil is very useful for achieving the goals of weight loss. Fatty acids in these abnormally healthy chocolate bars actually help to make excessive weights. It is also easy to digest and actually improve the thyroid function ... But that's not all ... Coconut oil increases metabolism and eliminates stress in pancreatic glands, which helps to burn more energy ... IE is more calories.


Digestion Chocolate Bar Recipes

Do you ever hear me say that? Digestion is the heart of your health. Think about it. How did your body get the fuel he needs to work? Through the digestion of these healthy chocolate bars and other good nutritional habits that you consume. The use of coconut oil improves digestive processes and prevents various stomach problems, including irritated bowel syndrome. It has antimicrobial properties that also help you cope with indigestion. And it's also a coconut oil that helps to absorb basic nutrients.


Immunity Chocolate Bar Recipes

Our key ingredient in these chocolate bars strengthens the immune system, in fact, promotes the treatment of viruses and bacterial diseases such as herpes, flu and even HIV.

I'll stop now, but I can write a novel about the health benefits of coconut oil. Now, who's ready for some just healthy chocolate bars? I am ... Given these excellent health benefits, there is a super easy recipe for Super delicious and very nutritious delight! Notice that I said Heal, not dinner. I'm just saying!


3/4 glass of pure coconut oil
1/2 Cup of cocoa powder without sugar
1/2 Glass of raw honey
2 p.m. L. Extract of Vanilla
2 teaspoon cinnamon. Field
1/2 C. L. Chile-Powder
1/4 C. L. Cayenne
1/8 C. L. Sea salt

In addition, in these healthy chocolate bars, it is possible to replace powder from Chile and cayenne with lavender. Each of these ingredients has unique and powerful properties in the health field. You can also add dried or upper blueberries with a sea-salt course.

In a mixed mixing pool, all the ingredients are combined. Tap well until the chocolate is smooth. You want to get rid of how many coconut oil blocks you have.

Throw it on a parchment sheet of biscuits and freeze it in the fridge or the icebox overnight.

Cut and have fun.


Does that sound good? Let me know when you make these healthy chocolate bars. And please enjoy the joy of knowing that only this unique ingredient (others, also packed with benefits) make it a delight that you can enjoy in the belief that not only the instant pleasure of the taste of a button but your Health.

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