Tips for Roasting the Perfect, Juicy Hamburger

Fried burgers are easy to do and a favorite roast. Unfortunately, the hamburgers of many people are bringing dry and eventually collapsing. In this article, you'll learn to avoid this, so your burgers can be juicy and delicious at any time.

Beef selection

Beef selection

The first mistake many people make is to buy beef, which is too skinny. Avoid using a soft hamburger because it will cause hamburgers to dried up when they are cooked and likely to collapse in a grille.

For best results, buy 80% beef, which is a very cool and vivid red color. Ideally, always try to buy beef, which was grounded on the date of purchase.

Create a burger

Create a burger

Wash your hands in very cold water. This will help prevent beef from falling into your hands when you form your candy. Then put the meat meat in the bowl, add kosher salt, peppers, and any other favorite spices.

After it's easy to mix burgers and spices with fingers rather than at work and not compress meat.

Once the ground beef is mixed, it's time to make your scones. That's where many people make the second biggest mistake that leads to dry burgers. They ran over, they squeezed and flattened their scones. Don't do this.

Instead, they are a single thickness of ¾ "and of ½" larger diameter than their bread. This will reduce the shrinkage size when you have a grill for hamburgers, helping to keep them juicy. The trick is to do it quickly and gently, to process the burger patty as soon as possible.

As soon as you lose your thumb, press center patty, so it's about ½ fat inch.


Grill a burger

After your scones freeze burgers within 15 minutes of cooking. Next coat is grilled with little olive oil. Then light up the grille, burn the burns, close the lid and let her preheat for 10-15 minutes.

After the grill is heated, turn off the burner in the middle and put the hamburgers on the hot grid right above the flame. Close the lid and let them cook about 4-5 minutes on each side.

For some reason, many people like to play with their burgers, constantly releasing them and even worse, squeezing Sookie, flattening the shovels. It's the worst way to make a burger, don't do it if you want a juicy burger that's right.

Instead, turn it off once and never, and don't turn it off with a shovel.

In accordance with the simple steps that you and your family will enjoy with your juicy lips in every grill.

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