Whole Foods Chocolate Brands

Chocolate is a popular meal all over the world, and there are some kinds of chocolate. Chocolate is not just a delicious meal to enjoy, but also a tender gift for a gift. With a dazzling variety of chocolates, what do you want to do? Here I'll give you a tip: Last year, the world had leading chocolate brands.


whole foods chocolate brands

Lindt was built in 1845 in Switzerland. More than 160 years old, Lindt became top chocolate and sells her product to more than 80 countries. The chocolate bar is being refined, but not very sweet, so it was accepted by both young and old. NB: If you want to buy a chocolate bar for your grandparents or other old people, please pay more attention to your black chocolate, 80%, which is neither too bitter nor too nice.


whole foods chocolate brands

Guylian arrived in the world only 30 years ago but gained an international reputation after its foundation. Guylian has very sweet taste, which usually mixes chocolate and milk. You can choose Guylian without hesitation if you want some sweet food. Moreover, the price of Guylian ranges from $13.50 to $200, and you can get a huge selection to pay for what suits you.


whole foods chocolate brands

Ferrero Rocher is a well-known sweet chocolate made in Italy. Spherical candy consists of a fully fried hazelnut, placed in a thin circular shell that is full of cream and covered with dairy chocolate.

They're usually packed in a gold wrapper. With the golden glow, Ferrero Rocher always gives an idea of elegance. In addition to its precious jewellery, a new idea that also attracts a large number of consumers.


whole foods chocolate brands

In the last century, Maxim’s is known for his classical status. It is a symbol of exquisiteness and elegance as an elegant mythology in France. Maxim’s has a number of industries, such as chocolate milk, black chocolate, and so on. However, they have a share: a high price. It's wonderful to send Maxim's to friends, but it would cost a lot of money if you could buy them for food often.


whole foods chocolate brands

DUC D'O is a variety of chocolate complex with three different tastes; It's milk chocolate, white chocolate and black chocolate. If you like a sweet favour, you can choose white chocolate, sure it'll be as sweet as your love; If you prefer bittersweetness, you can enjoy black chocolate; If you want to try both bitter and sweet, the milk chocolate will be in search.


whole foods chocolate brands

A shiny coloured packet (white mixed with orange) makes a lighter Bueno, and this kind of chocolate is relatively cheaper for a long time. Given the benefits of the market price, Bueno appears to be more popular among young people. Meanwhile, the chocolate flavour is wonderful.


whole foods chocolate brands

Coles is made in Belgium, a country that shares the most famous chocolates in the world. Coles is a little sweet, but his beautiful form and packaging are often used to capture the eyes of consumers. It is usually intended for amateurs; And as a result, they reach their marketing targets successfully.

- M&M's

whole foods chocolate brands

"M" is the chocolate bits on which the letter "M" is printed. They are popular in the United States and in many other countries. They contain several variations of sweets, including dairy chocolate, peanuts, mints and dark chocolate (with or without peanuts). Chocolates are produced in brown, yellow, green, and many other colours that are bright enough to be attractive to people.


whole foods chocolate brands

The Belgian, whose name is developed from a country that is a member of Belgium, continues to exercise the Belgian spirit to seek perfection and to update its method of producing delicious and delicious chocolate. You have now done different kinds of products to serve customers, you can look. You may be surprised.


whole foods chocolate brands

TOFFIFEE is the largest production base in Germany, and we can call it the "classics" of Germany. TOFFIFEE has an ordinary service, you can try to participate if you're not captains. The price is very low compared to the others.

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