How to enjoy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars With Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars With Sweetened Condensed Milk - On a cold and rainy day, when you feel sad or lonely, what could be a better solution than simply giving you the chocolate? You can bake a cake, cookies or dulce de leche, or even simpler, open a box of mixed chocolates, unwrap a chocolate bar or drink a cup of hot chocolate. Maybe you prefer to melt some chocolate and then pour fresh fruit into it. Either way, you do it, the stalemate will disappear.

There are many different varieties of cocoa beans. The best chocolatiers mix them, toast them, crush them and then crush them until thick liquid forms. This chocolate liqueur is made of creamy cocoa butter and chocolate solids.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars With Sweetened Condensed Milk

Chocolate without sugar is bitter and cannot be eaten as it is. But added to the dough, it becomes delicious brownies or chocolate cakes. With only a little sugar, vanilla and cocoa butter, it becomes semi-sweet, like those wonderful potato chips in chocolate chip cookies. The sweet and sweetened black chocolate is what is generally used for fondues and chocolate covered sweets and chocolate bars.

Milk chocolate, the most popular form found in chocolate bars and chocolates, is actually sweetened black chocolate that has condensed milk or added milk solids. White chocolate is not really chocolate since it does not contain any of the chocolate liquor. It is made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk, without any kind of chocolate solids.

When you consume chocolate when baking or cooking with it, never replace a chocolate in one recipe with another. The flavours and even the textures will be different. Chocolate chips have very little cocoa butter in them because you want them to keep their shape, instead of melting with the other ingredients.

Chocolate is by far the most favoured of sweets and candies. While Europeans are famous for their delicious desserts filled with creamy chocolate, their fluffy mousses, and their glaze and ganaches, the United States has its share of caramels, dulce de leche, etc., which they take pride in.

Not only can you buy chocolate in a large number of speciality stores, in all grocery stores and fast stops, and in vending machines, but it is also available online in all its forms and formats.

Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween would not be the same without chocolate. Peanuts, caramel, coconut and peanut butter would be lost without their black chocolate or milk chocolate. The marshmallows that can no longer be wrapped or bathed in chocolate would have no alternative but to expire in the flames of your bonfire. S'mores would become somewhat!

So go ahead ... fight cancer and heart disease with antioxidants, release your endorphins, cuddle up with a good book and enjoy chocolate.

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