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The Best Chocolate Ice Cream Brands From Supermarkets

Chocolate Ice Cream Brands From Supermarkets - Here at Westchester, all our tasting days are excited. But this may have been the happiest one so far: searching for the best chocolate ice cream shop at the store (the National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is finally June 7).

Tube after cardboard, after painting, were lined up in the bench in our test kitchen, every smile tester knew that you had to try all the brands several times looking for the most creamy, the chocolate, the dairy, was working but fun.


The ice cream, each of the basic chocolate flavour of the brand; no variations of peanut butter and bananas, whirlwind, hazelnut and lettuce were made to rest for about five minutes before tasting so that everyone could soften and offer the maximum flavour.

With 10 brands and 19 powerful workers, we are blind (the containers were lidless and hidden in bags), each calling five (five is the highest) in four categories: visual aesthetics, chocolate flavour, texture and consistency, and more generally. A perfect score would be 20 points.

Chocolate Ice Cream Brands From Supermarkets

The runners-up

10th place: Whole foods 365

8.2 points

"Poor taste," "not quite sweet," "not very chocolate," "bad," and a colour that looked like "hazelnut" or "coffee" was one of the countless complaints about the Whole Foods brands.

9th place: SoCo Creamery

8.6 points

This base of Berkshires dairy products in Massachusetts proved particularly unpopular: "sticky texture", "too bitter", "strange taste" and "flavours like metal" were some of the negative comments. A tester wrote dramatically: "I can not say how horrible this is: destroy my ice cream."

8th place: Turkey Hill

11.1 points

The "soft" and "milky" flavour was a bonus, but most believe that Lancaster-based Pennsylvania, owned by retailer Kroger, was "very soft," "very sweet," "very airy" and, finally, "it's ok". "

7th place: Ronnybrook Farm

11.2 points

The "frozen" texture and "soft" flavour disappeared in this Hudson valley dairy (Pine Plains), but others felt "milk chocolate flavour" and were "very good".

6th place: the merchant Joe

12.8 points

A "rich", "authentic", "deep chocolate" flavour "flavour brownies" won over some, while others complained of "strange taste" and "not quite sweet."

5th place: Edy's

13.3 points

"Just a little over the average" and "creamy" made Edy's (promoted Dreyer's in the western US) finished in the top half of the score. He lost some points with an "artificial aftertaste".

4th position: Breyer's

13.5 points

"It's not bad," "a solid flavour," and "creamy" was what most of the testers thought of this brand belonging to the multinational Unilever. On the negative side, several critics said they needed "more chocolate flavour" and that was "normal".

The winners

3rd place: Ben & Jerry's

14.2 points

It turns out Ben & Jerry can still have a simple taste. "Good Chocolate," "Strong Chocolate," and "Very, Rich," summed up our thoughts on Verlag-based social consciousness Gelateria, known for its flavorful creations, full of pieces of it and swirl it. However, several deniers thought it was too "bitter" and "not quite sweet".

2nd place: friendly

14.4 points

In the taste test of vanilla ice cream, the friendly finished last. Therefore, it was a surprise to most that the Eastern Coast chain of 10,000 workers was very strong with their chocolate. "The taste is rich", "classic chocolate flavour" and "sweet and creamy" represent the majority of the comments.

1st place: Häagen Dazs

14.8 points

The "milky" and "rich" along with the "creamy and silky texture" flavour becomes savvier give a high score to this national brand that began in the Bronx in 1961.

It is one of the few commercial ice creams that do not use stabilizers such as guar gum or xanthan to give the product a fuller mouthfeel and reduce fusion speed. Some supporters believed that "it could have more chocolate flavour to make it wonderful".

So there you have it: the best brands of ice cream shop ice cream bought. However, at the end of the day, if your dish is not so when you're done, you buy the wrong things!

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