Fair Trade Chocolate Brands: What Does The Label Mean, Exactly?

Vital Choice offers organic bars with 80% cacao content. Vosges are perhaps best known for their popular bacon and chocolate confections - bars and shaped solids that deliver a salty, smoky sweetness with each bite. Therefore, the best choice is keeping coffee inside an airtight container that is certainly kept at room temperature.

People need to be more aware of the problems that are happening around them, and know which items are the best to buy, and not support unknowingly the companies that use child or forced labor. This fact makes it very difficult for people with allergies or those who are highly sensitive to soy.

The people who traffic these children make a living off selling them. The cacao farmers who are part of the Kallari Association cooperative in Ecuador are realizing similar benefits.

Democratic and transparent organizations: Through proof of a democratic market, Fair Trade farmers and farm workers decide how to invest Fair Trade revenues.

Fair Trade prohibits forced labor and guarantees a fair trade floor price; the chocolate companies pay farmers a fair floor price for their good. By and large the small, high-quality producers do not engage in slave labor with my knowledge.

Now that you know what fair trade chocolate brands and organic chocolate companies to look for, you may also need some help knowing where to buy organic and fair trade chocolates (some artisans and producers don't sell their wares online).

For commodities such as coffee and chocolate, in the US you should look out for the Fair Trade Certified stamp, while in the UK, it's the 'Fairtrade Mark' scheme run by the Foundation of the same name. While many consumers see the word butter and assume that butter contains milk, this is not the case.

In order to achieve these aims, DIVINE elected to participate in Fair Trade certification and launched a series of campaigns aimed at attracting new consumers and persuading policy makers to support Fair Trade certified goods.

How familiar are you with the concept of Fair Trade? If you want to pay the grower a 15% tip, you can ask for fair trade chocolate. Can we apply the principles of fair trade more broadly and deeply to everything we do?

The farmers’ cooperative and the company’s board members not only altered DIVINE’s trade dress, they also changed the product’s content. The very basis of Fair Trade was established on the economic and social injustice that was occurring everyday due to International trade.

Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

Following the CHOCOL8 conference, 12,000 signatures (called the Chocolate Challenge Manifesto) from the children were presented to the then UK Minister for International Development. They also don’t use cocoa beans that come from trafficked children.

Two Ghanaian children whose parents are KUAPA farmers went to the UK and inspired their contemporaries during the visit with stories about life in rural Ghana. In 2005, the company launched its first UK-wide advertising campaign featuring young women from the KUAPA community in Ghana.

We recently read about child labor violations which are still going on in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Whether you believe it or not, some of your favorite chocolate is actually made from child labor.

We are the number one problem of child labor. A trafficked child is stolen, abducted, taken, or sold to another country to be used as a slave. If you purchase cacao nibs and grind them yourself, the texture is smoother and the flavor is “chocolatier,” but cacao nibs can be a bit harder to find.

Also, chocolate is a product with Fairtrade ingredients can be produced. Manufacturers of Fairtrade products follow our philosophy of “All That Can Be”, which means if there are other ingredients, such as sugar in chocolate, they must use certified Fairtrade sugar as well as cocoa.

There are so many great resources and organizations doing inspiring work. There are several brands of chocolate that manage to produce fantastic chocolate without any lecithin (or other additives) and that taste great.

This chocolate curator has all of the great bean-to-bar chocolate to satisfy any chocolate lover. And maybe our dreams of changing the chocolate industry aren’t so far-fetched after all. These same certifiers are already at work with smaller chocolate companies producing fair-trade chocolate.

Producing a soft leather, it makes you feel squeaky clean and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Chocolate is extremely bitter until it's been sweetened, so unless you want that very bitter experience or absolutely must avoid all sugars at all costs, you're definitely going to want to add a sweetener.

Some of the hard-core dark chocolate lovers among the staff complained that it was "too soft and sweet for a dark chocolate" and "disappointing". The two major cocoa exporting countries are Ivory Coast and Ghana; more than 50% of the world’s cocoa comes from these countries.

It is amazing to find out we are far behind Europe when it comes to all these issues. We are concerned about the reputational damage it could do to the Fairtrade system - and its impact on smaller players.

The Peacock Blue, Brown, Spruce, and Energy Print are all on sale for 40% off the suggested Retail. And you may even pick up a few simple tips for your everyday life to reduce your impact and help protect the planet. Just because they have many items that may be at good prices, these prices also exist at other stores.

Chocolates carrying labels such as ‘Fairtrade,’ ‘UTZ Certified’ and ‘Rainforest Alliance’ have seen a massive upswing in Germany and Switzerland in the past few years. I knew they made them, but had never seen anyone stock them. The question is: What difference will we make?

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