How To Make Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Balls?

Making Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Balls - These delicious ice cream spoons covered with chocolate are a treat and make a perfect meal or surprises at the end of dinner. They could not have been easier: you can even involve the children if you want to help. It takes only 10 minutes of preparation time and then you have to leave them in the freezer to prepare them. Make sure you leave them long enough to create them, even if you may be tempted to eat them!

These ice cream balls have a divine taste that is served directly from the coffee freezer after dinner.


1 litre of vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon of gelatin
2 tablespoons of water
3 tablespoons (at your choice)
125 grams of black chocolate
60 grams of solid white butter vegetable (sold as Kremelta in New Zealand and Copha in Australia)

Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Balls


Sprinkle the gel over the water in a small bowl.

Place the container in a bowl of hot water until the gel dissolves and then cool.

Tap the ice cream until it is creamy, add the gelatin and the liquid and beat until it is combined.

Pour the ice cream mixture into a container and freeze for several hours or overnight until it becomes stable.

Before making these balls, place a baking tray in the freezer to make it too cold.

Working very quickly with a melon ball, remove the ice cream balls and put them on a cold tray. Help sink the melon ball into cold water before proceeding into each sphere.

Place the disc with the balls, return to the freezer and freeze until it becomes stable.

Remove the tray from the feeder and push small wooden sticks (toothpicks) into each sphere with a small angle and then replace the tray in the freezer.

Once you reach this stage, put the chocolate and butter in a bowl over the boiling water to melt.

Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

Pour the chocolate into a small glass and immerse each ball in the mixture, covering them well.

Place the chocolate-covered bullets in a cool tray and return to the freezer until it becomes stable.

Immerse the ice cream balls in the melted chocolate and gently turn, using a teaspoon. Place the chocolate coated ice cream balls on a piece of silver paper and return them to the freezer. Freeze until you're ready

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