How To Make A Melting Chocolate Ball For Dessert?

Making A Melting Chocolate Ball For Dessert

If we are honest, there is little that we love more than chocolate. And, if you think about it, you can not blame us for wanting all this creamy, benevolent brawl in our lives.

Magic chocolate desserts are in fashion these days, and today I teach you how to make a ball of melted chocolate without baking anything and in less than an hour. The only part of this recipe you really need to do is cookie dough. I used the cookie dough cookie without egg, so it was safe to enjoy it raw.

A Melting Chocolate Ball For Dessert
Besides, you just have to melt some chocolate and throw some chocolate. Feel free to fill this chocolate ball with whatever you want: walnuts, fresh fruits, brownies, or get fancier and fill it with bake cookie dough ice cream balls.

This dessert appears recently in restaurants and social networks, but to be honest, it is not even necessary to leave your home to enjoy it. That is unless you do not have the components or supplies at home so you may need a trip to the store.
The next recipe for these chocolate balls is four and costs less than $ 10, the typical price for one of these desserts in a restaurant. So you live not only living, but you do it with a budget.


2 cups of chocolate chip
Ice cream beans vanilla
Cookie dough without egg
Hot Fudge
Round hollow plastic jewellery


In a mixing bowl with a microwave, melt chocolate chips for 30 seconds until you soften. Separate chocolate evenly into every gem. Close the ornaments and shake them to cover the entire surface.
Freeze for 30 minutes. Place a tablespoon of ice cream and an equal amount of cookie dough directly into the centre of the plate that serves.
Once your gem is ready, open carefully and remove the solidified chocolate ball. Heat a microwave safe for one minute. Gently rub the bottom of the sphere at the bottom of the bowl until a hole is opened.
Continue until the hole is large enough to fit ice cream and biscuit dough. Place the chocolate ball in the ice cream and biscuit dough and decorate with more cookie dough. Throw hot fudge to break the ball.

Although some people have better ideas to throw chocolate. "What happens if you pour into the hot chocolate directly into my mouth and then I love the hollow chocolate ball [sic] and then go out and buy more chocolate [sic] because I do not have self-control," Serve and enjoy!

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