Do You Need A Muller Yogurt Chocolate Balls?

Need A Muller Yogurt Chocolate Balls - Muller believes that yoghurt is a nutritionally complete food because it is naturally full of essential nutrients for the growth, development and maintenance of your incredible body. That's why he invented Muller Corner Delicious, creamy vanilla Vanilla chocolate balls, a thick, creamy yoghurt with a distinctive chocolate crunchy milk and a swollen rice coated with white chocolate, you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

I bought a pack of these Muller Crunch Corners for a gift for my grandchildren and they did it! As soon as they left, I was glad to see that there was someone who left and proved to be him. vanilla choco balls.

Muller makes a variety of yoghurts from Muller's lights in these delights of the corner. Usually, I only buy Muller lights because I try to watch the middle line and I get used to their taste so that when I had one of these crisp corners that are full of fat and calories, you could really try the Difference!

Yarns of angular fracture are divided into two sections. One of the triangles is large, one is small. The big triangle has yoghurt and the small crunch. In this case, yoghurt is vanilla flavour and crunching consists of many cornballs covered with white, milk and dark chocolate.

The way you eat this may vary depending on what you want to do, but you can remove the smallest triangle or you can simply tighten the balls in the yoghurt or dip in and out.

Yogurt is very creamy. Normally I'm not a fan of yoghurt with vanilla, but that's extremely delicious. The taste is very creamy and rich, you can immediately say that it is not a low-fat yoghurt! The balls are quite crisp and rich chocolate not flavoured by a cheap chocolate, but they are of good quality and are good because they often experience this quality snack such as chocolate that may be missing.

A Muller Yogurt Chocolate Balls


Delicious creamy yoghurt
Natural kindness of the dairy
There are no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners
Suitable for vegetarians

Müller Corners is the perfect combination of deliciously creamy and thick yoghurt with fruit, chocolate or granola! With a variety of delicious flavours for you and your family to enjoy, Müller Corner yoghurts give you the freedom to mix them according to your preferences wherever you want.

Made with your favourite chocolate, enjoy the Müller Corner yoghurt with chocolate and vanilla balls.

Other information about allergies

It may also contain traces of nuts and/or eggs


Store in a refrigerator.

Nutritional information


Yoghurt (milk), sugar, water, cocoa butter, powdered milk, rice flour, cocoa, modified starch, wheat flour (gluten), milk powder flavor, lactose (milk), Stabilizers: Rubber Carob tree, guar gum, acacia, barley malt, salt, color: carotene, emulsifier: soybean lecithin.

Allergy information:

It contains barley, milk, soy and wheat
May contain eggs and nuts

There are other children at crisp corners with yoghurt and banana chocolate chunks and chocolate chocolate chocolate yam and rings, as well as many others and make great pleasures. It is full of calories and fat, so it should only be used as a gift! However, they are excellent products and are generally readily available in supermarkets.

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