What Are The Lindt Chocolate Balls Flavours?

The Lindt Chocolate Balls Flavors

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The red Lindt ball is the original milk chocolate flavor lint ball. Alternatively, a ganache made with chocolate high in cocoa butter may taste too oily if made with heavy cream.

Cocoa Butter--This is the vegetable fat that is extracted when the chocolate liquor is pressed under high pressure. Herbs such as mint or lavender blossoms, orange peel, vanilla beans, ground coffee, and tea leaves (green tea or Earl Gray tea is amazing!)

Lindt Chocolate Balls Flavours

Can be added before the cream is mixed with the chocolate. The nibs are ground by a process that creates enough heat to liquefy the cocoa butter, thus creating the liquor. The amount of cocoa butter is simply too low.

Cocoa Powder--There are two types of cocoa powder. This is yet another product (like most processed foods) where the ingredients are different depending on what country you’re in. What I did like about this, though, was how their dark chocolate taste made the experience reminiscent of ice cream toppings.

And of course the different flavors and mixes of Lindt chocolate are all available through us! Mairead Garvan, Marketing Manager for Lindt. Evil smart marketing people who get your hopes up with big assorted boxes.

They are a chocolatey delight that melts in your mouth and if you let them get a little warm before you eat them, the middle is runny. Ganache (pronounced Gah-NAHSH) is what you get when you stir rich chocolate into the hot cream. A lot of chocolate and kind of chocolate.

Let the fine chocolate bits float for a moment on the cream. Yes, that's the ingredient list--just cream and chocolate. We wanted to create the perfect chocolate inspired dessert to finish off a meal at The Exchequer counter and came up with the Lindt Chocolate Brownie.

Once you finish reading, you may change your mind about wanting to eat them again. These companies may charge a little bit more, but they ensure their chocolate is fair trade.

There are a couple of things you may not know about them. There are two ways to add flavor to your ganache. Take care with those three and you can create a ganache that can be thin and pourable, thick and moldable, or somewhere in between.

Store them at room temperature for up to a week, in the fridge for two to three weeks, or in the freezer for two months. It helps if you have cold hands or are in a cool room. They will have flattened, but will be floppy.

You also need to think about how you will use your ganache—if it is meant to be a glaze on a cake or petit fours, use it while still warm but not hot. But again, too cold and it will be stiff and beyond moldable. If too cold it can probably be slightly reamed in a double boiler.

You can view the full list of winners here. You can also roll them in chopped nuts or flaked coconut. Dollop the mix onto a large sheet of baking paper and use to roll and wrap into a sausage shape.

If you’re removing all palm oil from your diet and choosing not to support companies who use palm oil for ethical reasons, please check the ingredients. The light green wrapper and the snowman ones are exactly the same.

Phenylethylamine--often called the "love drug," since it releases the same chemicals that are introduced into the human body when love comes to call. Whatever you choose to eat, own it, enjoy it, love yourself afterwards.

What is the green wrapper Lindt ball?

The blue wrapper Lindt ball is the milky white flavor lint ball. I don't advise using milk chocolate or white chocolate for the ganache. My tastes leaned more toward the dark chocolate of Sno-Caps or nonpareil wafers.

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