Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Top Best Belgian Chocolate Brands

Best Belgian Chocolate Brands - Chocolate for Belgium is like Paella for Spain. A delicious and unique recipe. There is no other place where chocolate is as famous and famous as in Belgium. Moreover, it is the favourite food of tourists coming to the city of Brussels, they do not go any further and bring thousands of euros a year to their customs.

There are certain qualities of Belgian chocolate that make it so unique.

It has a fine structure and a high cocoa content, larger than most foreign products, and the choice of beans has always been of high quality. The Belgian chocolate sector is very different and Belgian chocolates are particularly creative.

Nowhere else in the world will you find a great variety of new flavours and combinations and, most importantly, delicious. In 2007, the Belgian Chocolate Code was developed. This code guarantees that Belgian chocolate comes from Belgium.

They export their high-quality chocolate everywhere. Two-thirds of industrial chocolate and finished products are shipped abroad. And it should be noted that the largest chocolate factory in the world is in Wieze, Belgium.

Belgian Chocolate Brands

Home to some of the best chocolates in the world. Belgian chocolate legacy dates back hundreds of years. The region of Flanders, in particular, is often referred to as the capital of chocolate, especially because there are two of the world's largest chocolate factories, Callebaut and Puratos.

But it's not just the long history of chocolate quality we know: our sophisticated and excellent chocolates are some of the best you'll ever experience. In fact, the first praliné was created in the aristocratic gallery of Galeries Royales Saint Hubert in Brussels.

With so easy access to quality ingredients and a rich history of sweets, our chocolate experience is constantly being passed on to the next generation.

In the same way that breweries work hard to get the perfect flavour, an amazing job is dedicated to chocolate production, which requires the dedication of highly skilled craftsmen.

These sweet teachers of the world should take care to bake the cocoa beans at the right temperature, work the ganache by hand and eventually make a praline with the perfect sense of what they are trying to achieve.

There is much more to make chocolate and chocolates. So try or get home a chocolate box is an experience you can not miss when you visit Flanders.

This chocolatier is particularly characterized because it produces organic truffles and chocolates. It's famous for its chocolate flavour and its social commitment. It has won many awards for its originality, including one for the "Greener Micro Enterprise in Europe", awarded by the European Commission.

To sweeten the night in Brussels or any other Belgian city, we hope this article was a very tasty dish.

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