Is The History Of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars?

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by a lady named Ruth Wakefield in 1933 and, like many grandiose recipes, today was discovered completely by accident. Ruth was the owner of the Tollhouse Inn, which was located in Whitman, Massachusetts, which was a very popular place to eat some home-cooked meals.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

They say that Ruth regularly made chocolate cookies with bakers chocolate, but one day she ran out and only had access to a semi-sweet chocolate, so she broke the bar into pieces and mixed it in the mix thinking it would melt and mix with her. And, of course, the chocolate pieces did not mix like bakers chocolate and the nestle toll house chocolate chip cookie was born.

Ruth Wakefield then sold the recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a supply of chocolate chips for life. Since then Nestle printed the recipe on the back of each bag of chocolate chips they have sold in North America with a small variation that is the option of using margarine over butter.

During the world war, two nestle cookies were sent to Massachusetts soldiers who would share them with other American soldiers from different parts of the states. This led to several soldiers writing at home asking for cookies from the Nestlé toll house, which caused many people to contact Ruth asking for her recipe, which generated a national madness for these delicious cookies.

However, the history of chocolate chip cookies has more than one story. George Boucher and his daughter Carol Cavanagh worked together at the inn and Carol states that Wakefield, who is an experienced baker and book editor, will know the property of the chocolate and will know that it will not melt and mix.

Boucher states that the real story is that his electric blender pulled some chocolate from the shelf into his sugar cookie mix of vibrations and mixed and formed chunks of chocolate in the mix. Boucher says that Wakefield wanted to throw the mixture because in his opinion it was ruined, but he wanted to keep it and bake it.

The story goes that Ruth received a lifetime supply of chocolate in exchange for her recipe, which Nestlé printed on the back of her packets of semi-sweet chocolate bars. The cookie recipe was so popular that Nestlé began marketing chocolate chips to be used especially for cookies.

Over the years, the popular Toll House Inn included many well-known guests, including, guess who? - President John F. Kennedy.

Almost a century after Ruth dropped the first piece of chocolate on her cookies, each bag of Nestlé chocolate chips in North America still has Wakefield's original recipe, Toll House, printed on the back.

Like Ruth's recipe, all basic chocolate chip recipes require flour, sugar, butter or margarine, baking powder and/or baking soda, eggs, vanilla and chocolate chips. The taste and texture vary with the recipe. Some cookies with chocolate chips bake swollen and another flat. The easiest to decorate are flat.

Decorate cookies with chocolate chips? Yes, these are especially unique for Jenny and Jeff's school parties, that is, if you're not too tired after your snack session all night! Chocolate chip cookies are tasty enough without ice, but a small decoration will make you the most popular mom in the class!

Decorated with chocolate chip cookies

how to Decorated with Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars?

Instead of individual cookies that consume more time, the chocolate chip cookie can save your life when you wake up at midnight, realizing that you forgot to bake those cookies for the first-grade celebration of the "National Play-Doh Day "

After baking the cookie, pipe in a balloon (real ice edge filled with gel frostings) and a message like "Happy Imagining!"

Bouquets of chocolate cookies

best Bouquets of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Although chocolate chip cookies do not lend themselves to elegant and elegant cookie bouquets, they can be very cute and cheerful, exactly the same as 85-year-old Aunt Myrna, who married her yoga instructor, or cousin Jim. who has just graduated bungee jumping class - with great success!

Here is an idea:

Cookies and milk bouquet

1 batch of chocolate chip cookie dough from Toll House

Lollipop sticks (rolls of paper, not plastic) of different heights

real ice formation

Preheat the oven to 375 ° F. Roll the cookie dough into 2-inch balls. Place four balls on an ungreased baking sheet. Insert a lollipop stick into each ball. Press the dough slightly down.

For the "cookies and milk" theme, you may want to add milk whiskers with white frosting.

After the icing hardens, wrap each cookie in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. Arrange in a cup (for milk!) That matches your theme.

And so he did it by forming cookies with chocolate chips. Who knows if his story is true or not, but could be.

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