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Baileys' Chocolate Bar, known to the St. Louis guests since 2004, is coming to an end, said restaurateur Dave Bailey on Wednesday. The final service of the restaurant, which focuses on desserts in its present form, will be on the 8th of July.

Bailey will convert 1915 Park Avenue on Lafayette Square into two restaurants: a new concept announced on the first floor and a Baileys' Chocolate Bar refreshing on the second floor.

Baileys Chocolate Bar reviews

Baileys tells the menu that he wants to restart the chocolate of Baileys.

"We love the chocolate bars," says Bailey. "It's an integral part of the business, it started everything else we could."

After 13 years, however, Bailey says, "It's time we opened the Chocolate Bar, 'Sex & the City' was just closed, there were no iPhones."

Baileys' Chocolate Bar fans do not have to wait long for their new incarnation. Bailey hopes to open the new version of the restaurant on the second floor about two weeks after the original closing of the 8th of July.

The "new" Baileys 'Chocolate Bar offers an updated dessert menu, hearty dishes, cheese dishes, and cocktails as well as some of the original desserts' most popular desserts.

In the meantime, Bailey intends to open the new restaurant on Park Avenue's first floor in 1915 in August. He promises to release details about the restaurant soon, but confirms that it is a new concept, not one of his existing restaurants (Hahn, Baileys, Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar or Shift, Test Kitchen & Takeout).

Bailey is also working on the opening of Hugo's Pizzeria this summer at Olive, downtown, and in a Baileys' Range area next year in the city's Shaw district.

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