Does Chocolate Kill Dogs?

When I was sitting with my friends at a pajama party, our favorite pastime was eating all the chocolate stuff we could find. From cookies with chocolate chips, brownies, or just Hersey bars, we ate everything! Although we loved everything, all the mothers yelled at us "make sure the chocolate does not fall to the ground, we do not want the dog to eat it!". I always thought chocolate really kills dogs? Or is it just a myth? What can we eat, but not dogs?

Why Does Chocolate Kill Dogs?

As I've discovered, chocolate can be fatal to dogs, but there are many factors involved. Within the cocoa bean is a chemical called theobromine. This chemical is a plant alkaloid, which means that it contains the elements oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. In 1841, theobromine was found in the cocoa bean. A theorem is a stimulating chemical for humans, but can also cause nausea and anorexia. Although it has some effects on humans, nothing is comparable to what it does to dogs. The chemical can cause a reduction in the blood pressure of a dog by expanding its blood vessels. It also takes a long time for dogs to digest chocolates compared to humans.

Although chocolate has a negative effect on dogs, every dog ​​breed is different due to the amount of theobromine its effects. For example, a Yorkshire Terrier must consume different amounts of chocolate compared to a Golden Retriever to influence it. In this way it is similar to people and alcohol; In general, people who weigh less, get sick faster but faster. 300 milligrams per kilogram of body weight equals the amount of chocolate a dog can consume without serious illness.

However, all chocolate affects dogs differently. For example, dark chocolate has a worse effect on dogs than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate causes an increased risk of seizures in dogs. It also contains methylxanthine, a chemical that is lethal to all types of dogs. It also contains more theobromine, which is heavy in the kidneys and causes vomiting and shock. People also know when to stop eating because we fill up while the dogs do not know when to stop. A dog can eat ten percent of his body weight in minutes without stopping. This leads to overeating and serious illnesses. Although white chocolate is still very bad for humans, it is not as bad as milk or dark chocolate. This is because it does not contain theobromine, but it is prepared with cocoa butter. Even a dog consumes a large amount of white chocolate, but can still get very sick due to the high fat and sugar content that causes the pancreas to close.

Since dogs are a man's best friend, I do not think anybody wants to hurt them. The next time you eat chocolate and drop it on the floor and assume that it does not hurt the dog, be careful because its effects are stronger than you think.

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