How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes?

When we think of chocolate, we often think of love. It is the gift we give to children when they have worked hard, a loving gift for a loved one, a thank you for a teacher, and a simple source of convenience at all times. It's even been found to contain the same chemical substance (Phenylethylamine) that your body releases when you fall in love, which explains a lot.

But sometimes chocolate is not our best friend. And then it holds on to our clothes. The challenge of removing chocolate from clothing is available in all shapes and sizes. Go out of a dream tripped by truffles and find a chocolate stain in your new white top... you hear the cry of 'Mama, I think I was sitting on something' from the living room... the unpleasant experience, your Eight to reach... for a year and discover the mitten, disfigured and fluffy remains of a two-day-old bar; Everything is sadder when you realize that it could have landed in your stomach instead of being squeezed in a pair of jeans! Whatever the cause, it is a stain that will not yield easily. It's time for some useful tips on how to remove chocolate stains.

How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes and t shirt?

Eliminate chocolate stains from clothing: relax

So, how do you get rid of chocolate stains? A good way to fight chocolate is to restore it to its solid state before it can melt into the fabric: the harder it gets, the harder it becomes to lift it. Put the garment in a plastic bag (stain outwards so it will not spread to clean parts of the garment) and then into the fridge or freezer until it is hard. With a knife without a tip or something similar, gently scratch or remove excess chocolate from your clothes. Be careful not to catch any fibers or to push chocolate on the fabric when scraping.

If you think you've come down as well as possible, it ends up with a quick wash with Persil Ultimate Liquid. Integrated pre treatment agents help break the stain and rid it of the fabric.

Water helps to remove chocolate from clothing

Another simple solution for removing chocolate stains is to rinse the back of the stain with cold water. Never use hot water to remove chocolate stains as this will permanently fix them. Place the cold water tap on the stain for a few minutes to loosen it and prevent it from sinking into the fabric before using Persil as usual.

Remove chocolate stains by soaking

How to eliminate chocolate stains if everything else fails? Give him a good bath. Although our products are designed to wash clean clothes for the first time, even with a quick wash, some really hard stains will come out easier if they are soaked before, especially if you use cold water or wash by hand. For really stubborn chocolate stains, dip overnight in Persil Ultimate Liquid and cold water, then wash as usual the next day.

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