High School World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Even if you are working with dietary restrictions like gluten free or peanut free, there’s a chocolate treat for everyone to enjoy. What's even better is that the type of cookie dough that you'll be offering in here can be frozen or stored in the fridge so that they can be prepared later on. Through these hard times, World's Finest® Chocolate, has continued to experience growth by offering the Best Value in Fundraising.

Some of the best candy bar brands that you can sell out to your prospective customers include Nestle, World's Finest Chocolate, and Mars. With all these great benefits, it’s easy to see why GSG Fundraising and World’s Finest® Chocolate is the best choice for your next fundraiser! With your help and enthusiasm, we can make this fundraiser a great success for our YMCA Psychomotor Program! They help you determine the right product, quantity, timing, and incentives to reach your goals.

Last year's fundraiser was amazing because of the help from parents, teachers, the community, and every student who participated! Someone will be available to assist students and parents in Room 25 from 7:30-8:30am and afternoons 1:30-2:30pm, 11:30am-12:30pm. Please try to send money and forms in with students so that everything can be collected and distributed as a class.
World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

All money will need to be turned in on time so that your student credits for their hard work and receive their rewards.

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Are you ready to make big money for your school?

After selling the first box, if you would like for your child to check out another, simply fill out the permission slip that will be attached to each box and return with the money from the previous books. You and your group of volunteers will be selling tubs or containers of frozen cookie dough in this fundraiser idea. Each cookie dough tub usually has a profit margin of 33 percent to 55 percent. Variety Case.

Incredible Profit! From the bright carrying case to the highly-desirable reputation of our brand, the chocolate practically sells itself! These will be packed in sturdy carrying cases that hold several dozen bars. First on my list of ideas for high school fundraisers is selling candy bars.

The delicious premium quality of our chocolate products also makes the selling process easy. The Vintage Math, Science, Technology Magnet PTA is proud to announce that we are selling World's Finest Chocolate as this spring's fundraiser.

Thank you for your cooperation and support for the students at Vintage Math Science Technology Magnet! We are looking forward to another outstanding year and thank you for all the support!

Candy bar fundraising campaigns are really famous for high school groups because they are easy to execute yet the profits that they can offer at the end are exceptional. We serve the entire state of Hawaii, and always offer free delivery on Oahu. This sets you apart from the competition, plus it is FREE advertising.

More about Custom Branding The Case SUCCESS has your name on it for FREE. Our hands-on professionals in GSG Fundraising and World’s Finest® Chocolate will partner with you to ensure fundraising success for your group. We give you the personalized service you need to guarantee success. Our fundraisers are done within just two weeks and unlike any other time-consuming fundraising options, you don’t need to recruit a large number of volunteers! This is also a popular choice because especially during the fall season because the large selection of items that this type of fundraising campaign can offer.

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For this purpose, we offer a variety of ways that you can tailor a campaign to fit your specific needs. We Can Do It! Let's think outside of the box, and seek to sell as many chocolate bars as we can! If you would like only a 1 box, disregard the attached form. We would like to thank everyone for participating and contributing to our students and school!

Students have the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile fundraiser with the World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser! If you're in Kansas and looking for an excellent fundraising opportunity with a lot of potential, join up with World's Finest Chocolate and watch your sales and profits grow!

Why Partner with River City and World’s Finest Chocolate On Your Next Fundraiser in Kansas?

That is why River City Fund Raising is able to provide you with high-quality chocolates. A delicious assortment of our most popular fundraising chocolates. Your friends and family will beg you to continue your fundraiser because they can’t get enough of our delicious chocolate.

Our Top Sellers will get to sit in the V.I.P. In the spring, all students, regardless of their sales, will attend a BMX Stunt show live at the school! BMX STUNT SHOW BONUS! World’s Finest® Chocolate 60 CT. The chocolate is rich, fresh and full of flavor. Every box and every chocolate bar include a FREE 1 year membership.

Five chocolate bar flavors in a convenient variety pack. Worlds Finest Chocolate is one of only 9 companies that manufactures the chocolate from the bean to the chocolate bar! Welcome to Your Online Source for World's Finest Chocolate!

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When you want the world's finest chocolate for your fundraiser, put your trust in World's Finest Chocolate. Chocolate bars are an easy and highly profitable fundraiser. Next in line is cataloged sales. We are asking every Talmey family to sell at least one case.

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