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Belgium has imposed a law that requires that all Belgian-made chocolates contain at least 35% pure cocoa. You can thank the rich chocolate infrastructure and Belgium's heritage for this.

Although truffles are the ones that actually fulfill this more than any other chocolate, and that is why a gift of truffles can have many uses, it can be for comfort, to congratulate or to show affection.

Gudrun chocolates as a gift

It's more than an illusion: chocolate can be good for you. Solid milk chocolate will last up to 12 months from its date of manufacture. Coins with milk chocolate 1 pound - Pink - kosher (chocolate's fault) Chocolate coins are guaranteed currency to bribe any party.

Coins with milk chocolate 1 pound - Blue - kosher (chocolate's fault) Chocolate coins are guaranteed currency to bribe your way at any party. By the company covered in chocolate.

This explains why the company is already very active all over the world, especially in the USA. UU., The United Kingdom and Japan, but it is also expanding to new regions such as the Middle East.

A test of the product and you will understand why. One thing I did like was the beautiful gold box that came into play. Chocolate is virtually sacred to Belgians, and they consider it a heresy to dilute the taste with cheap fillings such as vegetable oil or milk fats in order to reduce costs.

To achieve this, he is always improving what he does by developing new chocolates, and branching out and attracting an even larger audience from more countries.

Gudrun has forged a business that has a leading position in Belgian private premium brand chocolates, and seems determined to stay there.

The products that other Gudrun is as varied as the tastes of people, which include very dark chocolate at 76 percent, as well as dark, dairy and white chocolates, all of which have a wild and wonderful choice of flavors.

Help enhance and highlight the flavor of rich dark chocolate in your favorite treats. If you prefer, as I do, a denser texture and a richer taste than I should say, you will want to convey these.

It complements the flavor of vanilla, coffee, cinnamon and much more. They are still high quality products if you can find a legitimate source of white labels or your own, but you will have to do more than simply trust a brand.

Although it is likely that good suppliers can sell more affordable chocolates that use cocoa substitutes, they will never label them as Belgian. Your values ​​may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Very nice, and a solid choice at a lower price. Shop Categories White Chocolate Solid Disintegration 1 lbs. Item description Premium Solid White Chocolate Break-Up. I had never heard of Gudrun, so I was curious to see how they compare with other premium chocolates.

If you see the Belgian wholesale sweets you have received from your supplier, you must return them. Another scenario is that you or your supplier tampered with the chocolates during transport, which allowed them to melt and then solidify.

Discover the hidden gem of handmade Belgian chocolates! Ordering branded Belgian chocolates is the safest and most reliable way to ensure that your wholesale sweets are genuine, but they come at a cost.

Anastasia Milk Chocolate Coco Bites are a nugget of rum and coconut, sweetened in milk chocolate. Bay Listing Template:: MAGNOLIA PICT HM ENT Description of the chocolate item A girl learns to fight watching television and the fighters of the boxing school next door.

A strong smell of chocolate is the first and most obvious sign that you have genuine Belgian chocolate in your hands. But how does he distinguish genuine Belgian chocolate from fakes that are trying to pass themselves off as Belgians?

Add a little excitement to your love life with chocolate lover's body topping - 1 Oz pack of 4 Make your fantasy come true! The Chocolate Body Topping sample pack has four different flavors: chocolate, almond, coffee, mocha, chocolate, raspberry and chocolate, strawberry, for your edible entertainment.

CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES FRAGRANCE OIL 1 OZ. High quality fragrance oil, pure and undiluted, packed in a 1 Oz plastic bottle. The company still makes chocolate in small batches to ensure consistent quality.

The company has been on this site for 20 years. Packed with natural antioxidants, chocolate and cocoa, sit in the same category good for you as green tea and blueberries.

However, any self-respecting Belgian chocolatier will only work with a pure cocoa content of 50% to 70%. Around 50-60 people work on the structure of a plant.

Description: The Gudrun Group is a world leader in the development, production, packaging and marketing of real Belgian chocolates and truffles. I received Gudrun chocolates as a gift.

The city is a dozen miles southeast of Antwerp, with Gudrun located in an industrial park about three miles from the center of the city of Lier. As with any food manufacturer, safety and standards are crucial, and this is something that Gudrun places as an absolute priority.

The Belgian chocolatiers are the masters of this tempering process and will never allow the flowers to form. Beulah's Candyland will NOT be responsible for damaged heat sensitive candies during transit.

Package size - 2 pounds Manufacturer - Imported from Brazil Pieces per pound - Varies heat-sensitive candies: Beulah's Candyland offers our heat sensitive candies for sale throughout the year.

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