Costco Hot Chocolate - Tassimo Brewer Vs. Keurig Brewing System

What is the best coffee machine with one cup? For those of you who want to research this purchase in advance, I will assess the similarities and differences between the two machines so that they can make an informed decision. At first I could not decide what I wanted, so I bought both and then returned one. Then I decided to write this article because I did not want others to do as much work as I did to find out which is better.

I compare the two systems (Tassimo v. Note: consult the bearing at the bottom of this article so that you can see that the machine is the most preferred.) Both Tassimo breweries such as the Keurig rely on a microprocessor to increase the volume. Brewing temperature, this means that these systems are essentially "intelligent". The Tassimo is generally slightly more than the smart Keurig. System Keurig is prepared in the same way for every coffee.

However, the Tassimo can say what kind of coffee it develops and automatically adjusts the volume, temperature, pump and brewing to provide the best casting experience for the specific product being developed. The 'brains' in the Tassimo give him a small advantage. Look, the Keurig was made to make a simple cup of coffee and he does it very well.

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However, you cannot make espresso, cappuccino or coffee with milk. However, the Tassimo can do one of these. If these are the drinks that you prefer, you can stop reading because you have to go with Tassimo without hesitation. But if you usually drink coffee, hot chocolate or tea, you must keep reading. In my opinion, both systems are very aesthetic.

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Of course, the exact construction depends largely on the system you want to buy and I am sure that you can determine which are the best in his opinion and the most suitable for your material. You should consider where you place this coffee maker and whether it fits into your kitchen. Both the Tassimo and the Keurig fit perfectly on the counter of your kitchen. Consumer models do not take up too much space.

Each single coffee machine has its own way of packing coffee. Keurig uses a K-Cup. The K-Cup is a simple and easy to use mug that has just exploded in the Keurig coffee maker. The cup protects the coffee against moisture, light and oxygen. In this small cup is not only coffee, but also an infusion filter.

Keurig has a licensing structure for his coffee, which means he licenses the technology to the coffee companies, who then make the K-Cups. There are currently more than 200 types of coffee and tea in the form of K-Cup. Both systems work in the same way. You must open the preparation head to place it on the disc or cup.

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The Keurig is a bit easier for that, but the difference between the two is very small and probably will not make the difference for you. Keurig is the easiest for ease of use. Simply place the K-Cup in your Keurig coffee maker and press the button.

Your only option is the casting volume, with which you can adjust the strength of the infusion. A 6 ounce brew is stronger than 10 ounces. Brewing first of all you have to test both settings to see which ones you prefer, and from that moment on you probably use this button.

The coffee-making system is very similar to Tassimo Keurig, but it gets even more complicated if you are prepared with a cappuccino or latte. You must first place and prepare the Express T-Disc. Then place the cappuccino or T-disc and prepare with milk. Then you must place the cleaning disc and perform a rinse cycle. You must complete the rinse cycle after making milk or hot chocolate.

What is faster, the Keurig or the Tassimo? 

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Keurig is the clear winner when it comes to speed. Mine Keurig takes about 45 seconds to heat and 15 waters to suck the water through the filters. That is, it is about a minute in total since the time I light up when I drink coffee in my cup.

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