Does The 2 Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes Smell Like Chocolate?

2 Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes Review

See comparative samples. As if you were no longer convinced to buy these delicious pallets, you will see how much the people who bought them fall in love with them. The eyeshadows of both palettes have a delicious smell, that of Too Faced made of milk chocolate and that of Makeup Revolution made of chocolate caramel.

Her chocolate bars (reviewed here) and the half-sweet candy bar lollipops (reviewed here) are my favorite favorites, especially the half-sweet toffee palette. The Two-Faced palette was released in spring 2016, it was a limited edition, but I've heard that the brand will be back this Christmas.

Now sit down and wait for Too Faced in the Sweet Peach range of summer. On the other hand, the butternut was this shade of a light golden sheen with peach stains on it, I thought the color reward was amazing!

I do not use all the tones in my Too Faced Palette, so I would never buy them again, even if it's my favorite. Licorice // At first glance, I thought I had a spark, but it's not like that. Luscious and Fruit are very similar, although the first person looks more in rose gold. The latest addition to the chocolate saga is the Chocolate Bar Gold Bar!

2 faced chocolate bar dupe

This pallet comes with a mirror and can partially stand on its own. If I pass the time, I can build the colors in a nice look, but I rarely have time. I could not resist. I spent a lot of time looking at it and printing the colors before deciding I absolutely needed it!

It's true that I find it very hard to buy eyeshadow palettes because I often think they are expensive if you get good eye shadow colors elsewhere, but those colors are a dream, I mean it!

The dazzling Pink Sugar is a bit weak, and it's a cream formula (it costs me a decent sample). It was a bit discolored when compared to the appearance of the pan. I closed a shop and I'm very exhausted, so in the last few weeks I've been a bit relaxed with my make-up.

I skipped the whole holiday collection because I realized that the quality of holiday offers in recent years was not that good anymore. I know that I usually do 5 days, but last week was a week off, so I took a day off without makeup.

For professional makeup artists to stars and real women, the natural eye was one of the most sought-after but most challenging look, until Too Faced in 2009 created the original range of Natural Eye. With Es... I like that to increase the color as it blends in well with the rest of the palette.

Mousse and milk chocolate are also similar. The brownish-reddish tones are perfect for my hazel eyes. The names are not only deliciously fragrant, but also delicious, mmm! I love this palette, she took my favorite tunes out of the mini-palette and added some more unbelievable sounds, especially my favorites are Frosted Apricot and Lavender Cake.

Now we have the next range of gilded golden candy bars. Apply some marzipan (light rose gold) to the upper parts of the lid with a regular eye shadow brush (avoid the eyelashes and the center of the lids). My last look was quick with peanut butter, fragile peanut, jamming, spread the love, bananas and extra creamy (as a base).

I just love, I love the smell of chocolate. And yes, it smelled of rich and decadent chocolate. Samples of chocolate pallets too expensive. Cofounder and creative director of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, got to know the healing properties of cocoa by receiving a chocolate facial on Maui.

The shades provide a range of cocoa powder enriched brown, neutral, pink and purple colors. The shadows themselves are good, but not amazing, the color reward for most is heavily pigmented, but for the pink sugar and the blueberry strudel, it's just the opposite!

All "X's" show colors that are very similar or even cheat. The other sounds are very similar to each other. All in all, this was one of the best pallets Too Faced has ever released, and I do not think I should avoid buying it.

Do you need all these pallet?

Strangely, this is also the thinnest package. It will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, 11:28 am on the Too Faced website! None of the colors of the good liner in the palette were the color of the shadow, so I broke my Urban Decay Eyeliner 24/7 in perversion for today.

They have a finer texture with a smooth and creamy consistency that is easily applied to the eyelids, but that turned out a lot. I have no doubt that the Shadow collection will sell quickly.

There is also drama about the range of selling fast etc.. The Chocolate Bars range brings us golden, pink, green, purple thought.

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