Moonstruck Chocolate Bar: Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee

The place is also small and the staff on two different occasions was very friendly and helpful. Generally, they have delicious chocolates and a place not to be missed in Portland. From truffles to candy bars, coffee drinks and smoothies, Moonstruck chocolates bar are the perfect place for a small gift for you or a unique gift for someone else.

A cute little shop that serves drinks, hot chocolate, teas (but why, if you're in a chocolate house?), And of course truffles and other types of delicious bites. First, I came across Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Through its truffles. Chocolate is not worth the attitude in this place (Alder).

Also, know that not every Artisanal chocolate is expensive and that for a special bar or truffle collection, it can even be of little help. I have the distillery collection, which contains alcohol, as well as some of the Artisanal breweries that have beer. Well, shoot, you found the place, it's Moonstruck.

moonstruck chocolate bar review
Well, sometimes it's also a treat before or during the deadline. He also offered us some samples to start our engines. Thank you to the nice lady who kept giving us chocolate tasting and thanks for getting me to buy more chocolate than I would ever consume in any given month. They have an excellent selection of handmade chocolates, candies, truffles, brittle and more.

Vosges Chocolate:

This exclusive chocolatier in New York offers a selection of bars, pastries and other delicious infusions with ingredients that are not normally associated with desserts.

White is a champagne truffle, the pyramid is an Italian espresso truffle and finally a chocolate truffle with milk. They were all so delicious that I can tell you which one I liked the most because they were all great.

A little expensive, but delicious. If people describe this as a small "quaint" chocolate shop, that's not enough. The only chocolate shop I've ever been to and it was in Portland!

This little shop is my option for a treat after the deadline:

Your Mayan Milk Chocolate. This is not the candy bar of your childhood. I would reserve this bar for snacks. The Salt Toffee Milk and Ocean Chocolate bar was actually milk chocolate with caramel and almond pieces.
The sea salt was not strong enough to improve the taste. In fact, it almost seemed a bit watery in the taste. Moonstruck can be a small commercial space, but has a great taste chocolate.
Some names you have seen in the grocery stores and boutiques in the area, while others offer orders and shipments over the Internet. For such a small chocolate shop, this store has much to offer!

Chocolate is very nice to look at as they look like cute little mice, Christmas trees and even Mr. and Mrs. Claus. And yes, they are as good as the look. Yes, there are other places.

Here are just a few brands to consider for a unique and delicious Valentine's Day. So go there, check the shelves, pick some items, and enjoy everything that's good in the world. It was smooth, rich, creamy and just the right amount and temperature to consume it right away.

I suppose you have a way to appear right when you need it?

Definitely a small shop, but inside nice and cozy, the staff was very friendly and let us know what they have and useful to see if we are looking for something special. Finally, the staff is very friendly and patient.

The bar was surprisingly swift for a milk bar and broke easily along the marked lines, baring pieces of dark brown toffee and bits of white almonds.

Extra bittersweet black cat truffle:

Extra bittersweet Ganache in the shape of a cat with ears of sunflower seeds and wrapped in dark chocolate. Custom chocolate bar wrappers for any party.

Ivory Toffee Mouse Truffle:

Soft milk chocolate caramel ganache with caramelized hazelnuts in the form of a mouse.

Bee honey truffle:

Chocolate honey Ganache with milk in the form of a bee and covered with chocolate. I liked the combination of toffee Ganache with hazelnuts. Covered with milk chocolate.

The crunchy pieces of toasted almonds added a great nutty flavor and a touch of salt that played the sweet base of milk chocolate. I recommend Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe so cute! Everyone was perfect cute and yummy! The cone was a cone of peanut butter, it is silky and delicious.

Check Baileys Irish Cream?

If you appreciate this article and just want to get more information about Nibs, visit their website.

Check (and it's tremendously strong!) Fruit Infusion?

It was rich, dark and had a bit of heat. I've seen some of their chocolates in the shops in the Bay Area, so I knew some of their chocolates a bit. They have sweet-looking chocolates for little kids and / or adults who like themed / seasonal chocolates. She was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about all the different chocolates she made.

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