The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate Brands

Hot chocolate is one of those nostalgic drinks that take you to your childhood. Think of the cold winter days that came from skiing or tobogganing and asking your mother for a cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows... Those were the best! So, what are the basic principles of hot chocolate? Sugar, cocoa, milk ingredients, fats and other filling ingredients. I use mine with the Nesquik syrup when I was little.

Not very healthy, right? How can you make it healthy, but keep that taste soft, rich and sweet? After playing with different recipes, I finally found the perfect one! All you need is four simple ingredients! The first is the milk without coconut sugar (not the canned version, the chilled version), which gives the cream the creaminess.

Then I added some cashew nut milk to make up the creaminess. For the sweetness I used Medjool dates, which is a natural sweetener for whole food. Last but not least, the ingredient that gives the beautiful chocolate flavor, cocoa powder. I'm sure it would work with other brands.

1. Add all ingredients to the Vitamix or the Speed Mixer and place them in the Hot / Soup setting.

2. Let it run until it stops or feels that the container is hot.

3. Optional: add some marshmallows. You can put them in the oven to roast them a little and put them on your hot chocolate.

vegan instant hot chocolate brands

That's why I chocolate is great to watch, made from natural and organic flavors that contain raw superfood nutrients and contain less than 199 calories per bar. But did he taste good? Of course he tasted good! Chocolate Plush Peppermint was a real winner for me. The mint chocolate was great with a cup or two of green tea.

Thanks to social networks, I wanted to try Pana chocolate. For months I had seen these organic bars, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free soybeans on Instagram and YouTube, so I had high expectations. And was it worth the wait? Hell, it was worth the wait! These bars are so rich that I ate only a few squares.

But that's not a bad thing, it means it will take longer, right? My personal favorite was the taste of sour cherry and vanilla, but these come in many different kinds of figs and wild oranges to coconut and goji, it is quite difficult to choose only one to love.

Another reason to buy a mixed case of Pana and try them all, right?

Buy here Pana chocolate. I especially love the name of this brand. If you are looking for raw chocolate, why not choose Raw Chocolate? Especially if they are vegan, organic, fair trade, dairy, gluten and wheat-free.

Raw fans have one thing in common; They love chocolate, but they also take care of their health. So if they cannot find chocolate on the market, the next natural step was to make this chocolate for themselves. Raw was born here. This is not just chocolate without guilt. It is chocolate with kindness

Then we know that they are good for us, but how did they prove it? My favorite bar was the Lucuma Cacao Bar, it was like the creamiest chocolate bar and it absolutely filled the vacuum of "white chocolate" that I had eaten before going to the plant.

How picturesque and cute is the packaging of these bars?

When a selection of Rococo bars came through the door, they were all organic, vegan and gluten-free and dairy-free, I was so excited. And it is not surprising that the first thing I noticed was the amazing artwork in these chocolates, because that was the basis of Rococo. In 1983 Rococo started when a young woman dared to pursue her dream: share her love of real chocolate with the world.

After a Saturday job in the renowned Harrods that sold chocolate, the passion of Chantal began to grow and she realized that her dream was to make her own magic Chocolaterie for luxury chocolates.

In 1983 he managed to open the first Rococo Chocolates store on Kings Road in Chelsea. There is even rumor that Chantal he was the inspiration behind the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris (and if you have not read the book, it is also a movie with the handsome Johnny Depp, do not say).

Although the packaging is perfect in the Rococo, it was not only what gave me hugely positive things; Chocolate itself earns a medal. What I really liked about Rococo are the unusual flavors that they offer. From dark lime and simple Persian, crystallized ginger to dark purple chocolate, these certainly cover the luxurious spectrum of the chocolate market.

If you are really looking for someone on this Valentine's Day, Rococo makes a beautiful selection in a box with fifteen different bars. Not all bars are vegan, but there is an area that I have sampled.

Does not every vegan of a whole shop dream of vegan sweets?

Well, it exists, guys, and it's called Vegan Town! Since 2014, Vegan Town has received more than 200 friendly vegan products, which is an incredible achievement for vegans who now have a place to go when they feel bad. You will feel that you have won a golden ticket to the Wonka factory with so much diversity. If you miss out on non-vegan favorites, there is a choice bar that combines more well-known brands.

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