Best Chocolate For Dipping Strawberries

Best chocolate for dipping strawberries recipe. The problem with a food blogger is that you cannot blog about a special Mother's Day gift without the mother discovering it. My mother has always been my most loyal reader; She will undoubtedly see this publication and my surprise will be ruined. But what can I do? I cannot have an idea for myself. It is very good not to share.

Do you remember elementary school when you made these messy and colorful Mother's Day cards with glue, glitter and macaroons? Do you remember how your mother's eyes shone when you gave her those paper flowers with clean stems? Mothers always appreciate it when they make something out of their hearts.

Which mother does not want a tasty box of strawberries in homemade chocolate on Mother's Day?

Supermarkets and farmers markets are full of delicious red berries this month; You can even buy the extra large berries of the long stem for a few dollars more. 50. It is not necessary to spend the money if you can earn it for a quarter of the price at home!

best white chocolate for dipping strawberries

I have given three options to decorate your strawberries under regular chocolate, sprinkled with white chocolate and dipped in nuts, but who says you should stop there? You can dip them in candies, chocolate chips or chocolate cookies. For gourmet mothers, sprinkle black chocolate strawberries with a few flakes of sea salt for a sweet and salty action.

Use a better quality chocolate to get the best taste. To make vegetarian strawberries, parapets and vegans, use chocolate without dairy to moisten. There are many delicious options! And Mom, if you read that, I regret having ruined the surprise. At least you know that you can look out for this weekend. In this simple tutorial you will learn how to immerse beautiful strawberries in chocolate.

Makes a nice and wonderful home presentation. Rinse the berries well and dry them carefully (make sure they are completely dry, without water drops). Cover a baking tray with parchment paper or wax or non-stick paper. Melt your chocolate If you use dark and white chocolate, you must melt the two separately.

Chocolate melts better with indirect heat. I use a double pan. If you do not have a double hob, simmer 2 cm of water in a pan, place a safe container for the heat in the water and melt the chocolate in the bowl. Alternatively, you can stir the chocolate in the microwave for 50 minutes for 2 minutes (or until it melts) once in the middle of cooking.

Stir at the end of cooking - if the chocolate does not melt without lumps, continue the microwave in steps of 15 seconds until it completely melts. As soon as your chocolate melts, you can decorate. Mount the parchment-lined baking tray, melted chocolate and chopped walnuts when using them. Add the strawberries one by one to the melted chocolate and cover 1/2 to 3/4 on the way up.

Lift the strawberry and turn it while removing it from the chocolate so that the excess water drips back into the container. If you do not plan to dip the strawberries in chopped nuts, place the strawberries in the parchment. Do not move or touch them after you have placed them or change the beautiful chocolate peel.

If you want to dip the strawberries in chopped nuts, carefully place the chocolate covered strawberries in the nuts to cover them before placing them on the parchment. After immersing the strawberries in chocolate, if you want to sprinkle them with white chocolate, pour the melted white chocolate in the corner of a plastic zipper bag and close it off.

Cut a small point in the corner of the bag. Gently press the white chocolate through the hole in the corner, sprinkle the chocolate over the chocolate covered berries in a thin stream and wave your hand to make artistic sketches. Once the strawberries are decorated, place them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, until the chocolate solidifies.

You can serve chilled chocolate strawberries or at room temperature. The cold strawberries have a good crunch in the chocolate: the ambient temperature softens the chocolate a bit. Put them in a nice box wrapped with cloth to give as a gift if you want.

Pecans are exceptions if you have never tasted them with chocolate! Espresso beans are delicious and addictive. You can also cover balls or drops of peanut butter or caramel. Place one of these above-mentioned delicacies in a decorative tin, along with a suitable wrapping cloth and maybe consider protecting these snacks in a sealed plastic bag to keep them fresh for longer.

Now for the grand finale! If you are looking for even more unique ideas, then look! You can also dip part of the classic sweets in chocolate, such as rice risottos, sweets with funny shapes such as Mickey Mouse, pumpkins, chocolates, flowers, hearts and more. You can even decorate an edge with glaze to make it even more attractive.

Or try the chocolate-coated marshmallows on a stick, or white chocolate or milk chocolate. Decorate the marshmallows with small pieces of chocolate or other candies to make faces and figures. If you like these ideas, you will love the idea of christening Oreos or chocolate cookies in even more chocolate. Treat your loved one with a double slice of chocolate.

Or even use sugar cookies or huge fortune cookies! There are many options to choose from and you can make the home version yourself or just buy it to save time. How you do it, your girlfriend, your wife, your friend or your husband will be glad that you have thought of them enough to make them feel special.

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