Homemade Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup Recipe

To be honest, I enjoy this syrup with only 5 ounces of brown sugar. The version with lower sugar makes a deep, rich and refined chocolate syrup. But not "syrup from Hershey". The characteristic of Hershey is its sweetness. Stay with 9 ounces to stay true to your childhood memories.

For chocolate, I recommend something with a minimum cocoa content of 50%, but no more than 60%. Higher percentages give the syrup a dark taste, while milk chocolate lacks the depth of the taste. I use Callebaut 54% at work and have successfully tried Chocolove 55% and Dagoba 59% at home, as these brands are widely used in gourmet shops.

Note: all measurements are in pesos because volume measurements can be very inaccurate. I recommend a scale for all pastry projects. The recommended kitchen scales Serious Eats is the Oxo Good Grips scale with detachable screen.

A nice simple recipe that tastes like real Hershey syrup! The good thing is that this recipe is scalable. So if you do not need much, you can change the size to reduce it (or upload it if you need more). The consistency and taste were very similar to those of Hershey. I have tried several recipes from Hershey's Home Syrup, and so far this is the closest to reality.

hershey's dark chocolate syrup calories

An indication of contamination by mercury and glucose syrup, the problem was the result of an always used and now outdated method for making glucose syrup using electrified mercury. This method and the mercury problem have not been a problem in our country for more than 20 years.

I use Hershey's special dark chocolate and add 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum (a staple in a gluten-free kitchen) with the dry ingredients. The thickness is good, but you can experiment with the amount, depending on how thick you want the syrup. We keep it in the fridge and it is stored for months. I used less water to thicken it, so I do not have to thicken it with cornstarch, as others have recommended.

It went well. I may have used 2/3 cups of water instead of a cup. Add the cornstarch as previously suggested by another reviewer (I would recommend somewhere in the middle of the two quantities you mentioned) if you want a thicker consistency like real Hershey syrup. It really helped and did not change the taste at all.

If you want to make it thicker, just add a spoonful of corn juice to your coconut. It gets thicker when it cools down. If you want a thick consistency of fudge, add a quarter cup. He knew it well, but he was very watery. I do not know what I did wrong, because I cooked just one minute when I asked, and I followed all instructions exactly.

I was hungry for candy and I wanted ice cream with chocolate sauce. Of course it was 10 o'clock. And I did not really want to go to the store right now. He has been able to overcome that, and in fact he knows the same as Hershey. I am also curious, how was JRONK's criticism about how long that will take? How long does the latter last in the fridge? So good, cheap and easy too!

I used the special dark cocoa from Hershey and it was great. It tastes just like Hershey's Special Dark Syrup, if not better! My husband loves dark chocolate. Can I use Hersey's Dark Coco and do I have to make changes?

I've been making this chocolate syrup for years, since Hershey, with all the other Monsanto-worshipers, took the high fructose-glucose syrup (HFCS) train. HFCs come from genetically modified maize and the process is shocking.

I use this recipe and the pure cane sugar for the sugar in the recipe: beet sugar (only referred to as "pure sugar", in contrast to the "pure cane sugar" ring of cane sugar). Pure cocoa, pure cane sugar, salt and pure vanilla extract are ingredients of natural plants that are not healthier than Hershey's chocolate syrup. This recipe is essentially the recipe that Hershey has used since the invention of HFCS when sugar was used as a sweetener.

It is thinner than Hershey syrup on the market today, as HFCS changes the consistency of the commercial product. In the production of milk chocolate, mocha, mocha Frappuccino, etc., it does not matter. The taste is dark chocolate and vanilla, that's how it should be; and the amount used is the same as for the commercially prepared version.

I was looking for this recipe because I could not remember the amount of water that should be used in the mix of sugar and cocoa. Thank you for uploading this recipe. I gave my daughter, my BH & G cookbook when she married, so I do not have to refer to it anymore.

That was too thin. I should have read the comments before you do it! The taste is good, but you really have to change the recipe for maybe half a cup of water. He will never have to buy Hershey's syrup again. As good as (if not better) the original, thanks for sharing. I was so happy to see how big that was.

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