DIY Powdered Chocolate Milk Mix Recipe

DIY Nesquick Chocolate Milk Powder Mix - Very easy and cheap to make. Made with only 3 ingredients that you probably already have. Have you ever walked into your closet or fridge, excited to have a bite or a drink to find out that he is not there? Ido. It often happens in my house and probably in most of them.

I'm almost certain that my daughter told me a few weeks ago that we left NesQuick. Most probably I went to the supermarket, I did not like the price and I decided to wait until I found a sale. Then he had forgotten. Normally someone else would complain and remind me to pick something up, but this time I was the one who was looking for chocolate milk.

Then I started thinking, how hard can it be to make Chocolate Milk Mix?

Anyone with taste buds can understand that cocoa powder and sugar are the main ingredients, ingredients that most of us have at hand.

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So I went looking for the best DIY source ever made: Pinterest. It turns out that everything is very simple. Mix the sugar, the cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. I kept it further than the simple and put everything together in a mini kitchen machine and delivered it for a minute or two. Mixing the cocoa powder is much more pleasant if you do not inhale a cloud of cocoa powder.

It looks and smells like the average mixture of milk and chocolate. As far as the taste is concerned, it is perfect. But that is the question, you cannot mix that "as it is". Of course I ignored this advice in the first instance and tried it anyway. I ended up drinking a lot of sugary and sandy cocoa on your chocolate milk that simply did not mix.

Undoubtedly, innovators and bloggers have already found a solution for us. Start the glass with a little warm water and mix the milk mixture with chocolate, this dissolves all the sugar crystals.

Now add milk, stir and enjoy. I love this DIY chocolate milk mix. It takes a minute to handle the ingredients that I always have at hand, and it's a lot cheaper than buying pre-packaged items. Moreover, I feel better and better every time I do, I can put aside all unnecessary additives.

This is definitely something that all lovers of milk chocolate should try! Try it, I would like to know how it develops. Thanks to Sugar Bananas for an incredible recipe. Check them out! DIY Nesquick Chocolate Milk Powder Mix - Very easy and cheap to make.

Made with only 3 ingredients that you probably already have. Yes, no additions!

1. Combine all ingredients. I put the 3 in a mini kitchen machine and mix for a minute or two.

2. Store in a closed container.

3. Plan 1-2 spoons of milk chocolate mixture per 8 ounces of milk.

4. When making a glass of milk with chocolate, mix the powder in 1 to 2 tablespoons of warm water to dissolve the sugar crystals.

5. Add milk, stir and enjoy.

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