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Flowers with ice cream can also be added to a Carvel Ice Cream Cake, in addition to the costs mentioned in the Carvel Cake Price Information Table. The Carvel also offers unique cakes for the holidays, which are only available for a limited time each year. Most people who buy Carvel's birthday cake simply choose their own cake.

Each of the decorations can be a great choice for a birthday cake, and you can have a happy birthday on the cake. Fudgie the whale. This sweet cake has the shape of a whale and has the same layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a crunchy filling.

The cake is frozen with cream and topped with whipped cream. Cookie hangover. This ice cream cake has the shape of a male face with cookies and glass eyes, a scoop of ice cream and a horn cone for the nose and a layer of ice.

You can adjust it by color and end it with a message if you wish. Sports Cake For children who love sports, Carvel offers cake in the form of football, baseball and basketball. There is also a football field pie.

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You can search the Carvel Gallery or Author Cake to see other designs of new cakes. The Carvel does not offer graduation cake designs. Most people who want to serve one of their ice cream cakes at a graduation party, choose to buy their own party cake and then decorate it with the colors of the graduate school.

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Some Carvel locations offer photo cakes and can print a graduate's photo on a cake to personalize it. The cost of these cakes is usually higher than the standard price of Carvel cakes. There are no baby shower cakes in the line of Carvel cake designs. If you want to serve one of your cakes with a baby shower, you can buy a standard cake and decorate it with pink, blue or yellow glaze.

Then you can add a message for the future mother. The Carvel does not offer wedding cakes. Some couples may choose to buy a standard Carvel cake to serve as a main dessert, secondary dessert or wedding cake at their wedding. 

Usually the cakes are simply decorated with the colors of the wedding. Instead of adding an inscription, you can leave the cake empty and add a cake that you buy elsewhere in the cake. If you want to buy a traditional wedding cake, you can request a personalized wedding cake at Sam's Club.

The Carvel does not offer delivery in its cake. That is why you must collect your Carvel cake personally during office hours in your region. You can order a special Carvel ice cream cake and a number of special iced tea designs through its online system.

To place an order for Carvel Cakes online, simply visit the website and enter your zip code or address to find the nearest store. After selecting your location, you will see the Carvel Ice Cream Cake menu for your local business and the Carvel pie prices for your region.

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Click on the desired cake and select the desired adjustment options. After you have made your choice, you can go to the payment system to pay for your cake and organize the collection. In general, a 24-hour warning is required to order a cake.

If you are interested in a special Carvel cake design that is not in the online ordering system, you should visit your nearest store or call to place an order. On this page you will find the nearest location.

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