Are Dove Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars Raspberry?

To celebrate the National Day of Ice, we decided to open something that we have never had before on the Dove Ice Cream blog. It was more than 2 years ago, but for some reason, Dove has not yet appeared (well, there is a small exception).

You know, I can really (vaguely) remember the first time I had Dove Ice Cream. My (step) uncle walked into the store and came with Dove ice cream bars for him, for me and for my father. This is our delicious Dove Irresistibly Raspberry Ice Cream. It is the vanilla ice cream with strudel of raspberry sorbet and pieces of chocolate.

Have you ever noticed that high-end ice cream is never shown on the packaging what they look like, but ice cream from the mainstream?

I wonder why this is so. I did not expect that when I removed the lid. Instead of a piece of plastic, they used chocolate to seal the ice and keep it cool. Unfortunately, it did not work after the pint although it is still very good. Wow, let's talk about chocolate pieces! Now they called the vanilla ice cream with a raspberry sorbet strudel, but it looks like a raspberry ice cream with a soft strudel of vanilla ice cream.

dove dark chocolate ice cream bar nutrition

Occasionally you see these special pieces of dark pink sorbet, but in general the sorbet is mixed with the vanilla. First, let's talk about these chocolate pieces. They have a perfect crisis for them and then there is the fact that there are many of them. I am completely in love with these pieces.

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Really only space in the money. Not too milky, not dark, not hard, not soft, just right. Well, the subject is, well, I have to say how I feel in general. I like this product, but it is exactly the opposite of what I expected.

The unique chocolate pieces in Turkey Hill are combined with their raspberry flavor to create a unique taste. I am not a big fan of it, but it is different.

Summary: I did not expect that, but that does not mean we did not like it yesterday. In fact, I could easily finish the container. It is an excellent product with excellent chips, but it is not what I expected. This is one of those flavors that you should try, but I do not think it's a normal freezer.

Another point: the use of sorbet helps to reduce the fat content and actually makes it the healthiest of all Dove ice cream flavors. This was discontinued and Ganish's chocolate coating was removed from the few remaining flavors. I understand that it was expensive, but at the same time it made these pint unique.

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These homemade ice cream parlors will generate childhood memories of your favorite ice cream parlors, whether it be Dove or Haagen Dazs or Blue Bunny. But these are better and easier. Here is how you can make it with bought ice cream.

Ice bars mean different things for different people. For some, ice cream parlors Dove Bars with creamy vanilla ice cream are wrapped in dark chocolate or milk. For others, that means the swans truck.

For those in the Midwest, that means Blue Bunny. What we are trying to say is that ice creams are very personal. That's why we love this simple recipe made from homemade ice cream cups, with which we can make any combination of ice cream, chocolate and coating.

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So keep going. Restore the ice bar from your childhood. Make the ice creams of your dreams. Or both do and then let us know in a comment below which creative collision of ice cream, chocolate and varnish is being prepared.

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