Best Ice Cream Vegan Brands With Almond Milk Recipe

Ice Cream Vegan Brands With Almond Milk

I am a vegetarian who loves her desserts and I ask a lot. It is my humble opinion that there is no reason why desserts without cruelty are not as rich, decadent and hidden as non-vegans. My favorite dessert was always ice cream. I can eat it without stopping. When I was small and ate ice with my family, I often got a big cone and my parents did not think I would eat it.

I would always taste bad. When I was a vegan, ice cream was obviously one of the hardest things to give up. Fortunately, there has been an explosion of dairy products in supermarkets in recent years. Now even brands like Ben and Jerry's and Breyers have vegan options.

But for a long time, the only option for vegans was Tofutti, a brand that had existed since the 1980s and was the first vegan ice cream sold in supermarkets. For years I was afraid to give it a try. The name sounded so uncomfortable to me. Frankly, I really do not like tofu, and I was a little worried that this frozen dessert could really have the flavor of the mildest vegetarian food.

healthiest ice cream brands vegan

I did not want to believe that ice has anything to do with tofu. But when I decided to write this article, I knew I had to try it, so I finally got the courage. I could only find two flavors in the supermarket; Chocolate and vanilla. I went for the vanilla.

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For an alternative with scrambled eggs or egg salad, tofu is a good option. For the tofu scrambled eggs, divide a block of tofu and add to taste turmeric, salt and pepper, along with fried vegetables such as onions, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.

For a simulated tofu, egg salad, mix a block of cracked tofu with 1/3 cup of swine (a mayonnaise substitute also from the brand Follow Your Heart) and 1 tablespoon mustard. Add green onions, thyme and salt and pepper to this celery. For those who do not use dairy, there are many alternatives to cow's milk.

Silk sells organic soya milk that can be used alone or in cereals or "silk shakes". Silk also sells a delicious soy milk drink. However, for a soy milk with creamy chocolate you can opt for 8th continent soy milk.

For those who do not like the taste of soy milk, most supermarkets sell rice milk, which is a lighter drink than soy milk or almond milk, which has a nice, nutty taste. After all, vegans and people who avoid dairy products can enjoy dairy-free ice cream that tastes just as good as the real meat.

The most accessible, non-dairy ice creams are the brand Tofutti and the brand Soy Delicious. Some supermarkets also offer travel. Being vegetarian or vegan is much easier today thanks to these alternatives of meat, dairy and eggs.

Fortunately, most of the brands mentioned are available in most supermarkets. However, if you can not find the product you are looking for, contact the supermarket manager, who in most cases likes to order products for customers.

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A vegan ice cream is an extremely healthy alternative for those made from regular milk loaded with a lot of glucose and other preservatives; a mix of calories, fat and other elements that are not so unhealthy. After the vegan diet, you not only get all natural substances and free of hazardous substances, but also without any animal products and ingredients.

Every brand known in the ice cream industry has started producing non-dairy products. All brands that support vegan products always use all 100% natural ingredients, such as creamy coconut milk and soya beans, to replace animal dairy products and other dairy products.

Then nectar is added to give natural sweetness and whole rice is laid for a healthy structure. Because of the nutritional value it contains other, completely natural and delicious flavors, such as walnuts, mint, maple and natural cocoa. Making this ice cream at home is also very easy, because there are hundreds of recipes online.

Making your own healthy ice cream and sharing with family and even friends are a lot of fun. It gives you the feeling that you have taken a step forward to keep your family healthy and at the same time you are helping to promote the values of Veganism.

If you are faced with the many healthy and balanced options of a vegan ice cream, you will be impressed by the wide variety of flavors. The variety of ice has not only attracted the greedy people with lactose intolerance, but also the spectators of health. With many types of vegan ice cream it is a feast every day.

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Make a sensible meal with the right alternative component that consistently follows the vegetarian diet along with a treatment. Once you realize how delicious these ice creams can be, you also share your great and sweet experience with non-vegans.

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