How To Make A Lego Ice Cream Cake Recipe?

Lego ice cream cake, if you use one of my links for a purchase, you may receive a small commission. Some time ago I brought you the LEGO Cake Plate. I love the LEGO cake plates. It is perfect for a LEGO birthday party. It is cute, colorful, funny and (light) easy to do. Do you know what is easier? A plate with DUPLO cake! A DUPLO pie plate takes much less time to assemble.

It still looks good on a LEGO party, or maybe you have a DUPLO party for small children, in which case it is perfect. You need a solid collection of DUPLO bricks to put together, but if you have multiple games, you can do it.

These instructions have been done on the fly. I have removed the plate a few times while working, so the steps are not accurate, but you should be able to understand the idea. DUPLO is not the strongest material, but with a good foundation and attention to the gearing and the correct construction of the support, it is maintained with a good cake.

I do not recommend a heavy ice-cream cake, and a little care during cutting makes sure there is no mess on the cake, but as I said, I think it's hard enough for a standard cake. I recommend starting with your core publication and using the longest possible stones instead of the many small pieces.

lego brick ice cream cake

This makes it fun and strong. You can make it as long or as short as you want. I recommend at least 10 lugs, high, but I added 2 later to make 12 lugs, thinking it looked better in the photos.

Then make your center point to make the upper part. You can copy the counts to mine or make yours bigger or smaller, depending on how you want it. Remember, I have expanded my central publication, so I hope I will not lose you here.

Maybe you should play a little with yours. Be careful with the use of odd numbers with DUPLO. The stones are usually 2x2 and 2x4, so make sure you have 4 2x3 stones and keep them because you can see that there are 4 places where they are needed. If you do not have them, your circle will not be round, but it's easy to do.

The same thing happens with the 2 2x4 disks, which are also used, but are not required. So you want to make good feet, so that your base goes up. I added a bit more "volume" to 2 of the feet because they were thin.

You can also add something on the other side if you want to match. I did not do it. Pregnant, tired and now I want to do something different, so that's it. Fun to do, easy to build, good to see. Now we just need a cake!

LEGO DUPLO offers us a new and free application for children: Lego Duplo Food, where children have their own shop and can prepare and sell all kinds of delicious delicacies. Whether it's muffins, ice creams or hamburgers, children like to take orders from customers while training their thinking skills through trial and error to make and combine food.

Before the store can be opened, children must make arrangements. The sign must be brought out, the seats must be organized and the window must be opened; Only then children can prepare delicacies in the kitchen.

The children have selected in advance the different types of food that are prepared. Open an ice cream shop, a pastry shop or a small burger shop. These options offer children a lot of variety. What can I do for you? Once the first customers have arrived, the application switches to the sales display.

The customer orders are displayed as an image in a dialogue balloon, so that the children can build up the orders one by one, since all dishes are made with Duplo bricks. After serving a few customers, the day ends with the elimination of the mess in the kitchen.

Of course, these incredible creative games have been announced since February 2014 and are available at most toy stores. It is up to you whether it is worthwhile to download the application for your children. View our video sample to make your decision. We have always found games for interesting and instructive children.

Children have to make things new, serve customers and prepare the store for opening. The gameplay varies subtly with the different dishes and ensures that children always like to play the game. We especially like the possibilities of free preparation.

I have never been someone to show my baking skills, but I must say that I like to cook. My favorite moments of the year come when my children have birthdays. 27 and 17 December! Jeremiah and Brody know how creative I can be and I love my skills.

I made a portion of Lego Ice Cream, a yellow submarine in 3D, the Angus Young guitar cake that was replicated on the left, along with many others. In addition to the cakes, I love cupcakes and sweets.

For Halloween 2011 I had my first acquaintance with the intake of sugar. It is not easy, but I was so proud of myself and it was fun. 6.99 in a pair of sugar gloves to protect my fingers! Work all day and leave little time for creativity, but if I can escape to cook in the kitchen, it's a good time to relax. Everyone was a success and so much love came through to them, so it was worth every moment!

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