Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake Recipe

We love simple desserts in the summer and often think about what we have to do to supplement our grilled starters. The book Grill Nation by David Guas brought us almost every night on the deck (his grilled BBQ sauce with peach and jam smoked onion on the grill are really impressive).

Maybe you know David from the American Grill on Travel Channel. Here he uses the same curious and accessible environment to give us his favorite recipes. This Rocky Road ice cream cake uses a box of brownie mix, but if you want, you can replace your favorite brownie recipe with a 13x9 inch shape.

All necessary flavors and textures are here: nuts, marshmallows and rocky road ice. This is a great dessert that is ready to go. Try also grilled peaches with mascarpone cream and sorghum.

Fragment with permission from the Grill Nation by David Guas. Filled with brownies and filled with nuts, marshmallows and whipped cream, the dream of this chocolate lover would be the perfect birthday cake for ice cream.

Total 1 hour, 33 minutes plus 8 hours.

1. Preheat the oven to 325 °. Cover the bottom and sides of a 13 x 9 inch scale with aluminum foil so that 2 to 3 inches of 2 long sides of the drawer can extend; Lightly grease the plate with spray oil.

2. Mix the brownie mix, oil, egg and ¼ cup of water in a medium bowl; Divide the dough into the prepared form.

3. Bake at 325 ° for 15 to 18 minutes or until a wooden skewer is placed in the middle with some moist crumbs. Cool completely in the pan on a baking sheet (about 1 hour). Lift the brownies out of the pan and use the sides of the tray as handles. Cross cut in thirds; Carefully remove the sheet.

4. Align the bottom and sides of a 9 to 5-inch baking tray with 2 layers of plastic wrap so that you can spread 3 inches on all sides. Mix marshmallows, nuts and mini-bites in a medium bowl. Put chocolate cream in a plastic bag with airtight closure; Cut out a corner of the bag to make a hole about 1/4 inch in diameter.

5. Pour a third of the brownies in the bottom of the prepared pan and sprinkle with half of the marshmallow mixture. Sprinkle with half of the fudge and serve with half of the softened ice cream. Repeat the layers once and cover with a third remaining brownie. Cover with plastic overhang; Freeze for 8 hours or until firm.

6. Raise the cake with a plastic foil as handles from the pan. Remove the cake and cut it crosswise into 10 slices.

rocky road ice cream cake recipes

Baking in pajamas do not like the name of this blog? Laura challenged us all to make a Rocky Road Bundt. Do you know Rocky Road, what you usually find in fudge or ice? What do you think? That's how it looked when I took it out of the oven. You can see the marshmallows through it. Then I held my breath and placed it on the fridge.

The next test was to cut a slice and see if all ingredients had sunk into the bottom (top) of the cake or that they had spread. Well, you cannot win everyone. The taste was there. The cake was juicy and tasty and presented itself very well.

In a large bowl, mix the cake mix, eggs, water and oil with a slow stirrer until humidification and then for two minutes at medium speed. Add chocolate chips, marshmallows and cherries. 30-35 minutes or until a skewer placed in the thickest part of the cake is neatly removed. Let it simmer on a baking sheet for 10 minutes on a baking tray.

Turn the pan over, place the cake on the shelf and let it cool completely. When the cake is completely cold, place it in a serving dish and sprinkle with the marshmallow and hot chocolate.

Sprinkle with extra nuts and pieces of chocolate and marshmallows. BundtBakers is a group of Bundt-loving bakers who meet once a month to bake Bundts with a common ingredient or theme.

It's the blog's birthday! Natural Girl Modern World is officially a year old. Wow, time flies. When I printed publishing last year in the first recipe, I had no idea what we were getting into. I was angry at that time because I discovered how to sign up for a website and I wrote 693 words that could read the internet.

When I look back, I cannot believe that I really did. I am a pretty private person, so the idea of sharing recipes and public stories about our lives made me a bit nervous. A lot, really.

Fortunately, there was a small voice that told me to do it. Encourage me that it would be very funny. Let's learn a few things and maybe even build something beautiful. And no, that was not a conversation with an imaginary voice in my head. No, it really was, thanks to Anguel, my best friend and my best cheerleader. Angel, thanks for the not so subtle push of last summer.

I'm so glad I did it. A year later I can say with confidence that we absolutely do not know everything. Not all that, but we have fun and learn a lot on the way. We were able to take our time for the blog while balancing it with our other careers.

We explored the magic of arrowroot powder, the versatility of white beans, and discovered that we are not the only ones thinking that ice cream and pizza is a marriage made in heaven. But the best thing is that we have learned to work together.

Testing recipes, cooking, eating design, photography, independent work. We are a team in everything. Because nothing proves a relationship like running to photograph an ice cream while it threatens to melt in the daylight in a puddle that quickly disappears (seriously). But enough about us. What we are very grateful for being YOU.

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