Turkey Hill Ice Cream Cake Review

Turkey Hill ice cream cake. I would like to say that the only excuse I have is that the container has a very light green copper color. I know he is stupid, but he has made me doubt. I read the description and realized that I had made a terrible and terrible mistake while waiting.

MAN OH MAN, when I missed the chocolate chip from Turkey Hill. They do not do it often, but when they do, they become addicted. It seems that almost all companies have some sort of fine mint ice cream, so this is the chocolate-like view of Turkey Hill.

The crunchy, firm vortex tastes like a real biscuit buried in the ice, and there are large parts of this container that layer by layer of swirls, so that they are buried only in the taste of the biscuits. It is difficult not only to breathe in while digging, digging and digging to get more vortices. If you think about it, what is the competition for this vortex?

Besides the strudel of chocolate cookies in Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies, finding them is rare. It is rich, chocolate and just a pleasure to eat. In my perfect world this hot tub is in almost every taste. Ok, I tried to force myself to walk around in the hot tub and to read well on the ice.

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It is a little tricky because Turkey Hill also covered these pieces with chocolate. Add a nice secondary texture here and make it even more fun. It is well. It is not too powerful, it has a nice refreshing effect. It is not really solid ice, it is a light drink, but it is not sticky, so do not worry about it.

So buy it now if you have never tried it before. It is a lasting taste and it is hard to miss. Do not be as foolish as me and wait too long to choose it. Well done, Turkey Hill. Swirl and squat for victory!

It has been a long time since I had a new taste of ice from Turkey Hill. Technically, it feels a little late to reveal a Red Velvet flavor, since it was in fashion in 2011 and quite popular in 2014, but now it is 2016.

Can TH serve something different here? OH MY It's so cute! I take a few bites and all I can say is "oh, swirl chocolate, I miss you so much!". I do not think I've seen anything similar since his Liberty Mint flavor. It is almost salty, but tasty and tasty. I like a thick and resilient vortex and that offers a big advantage.

There is a good amount of cake pieces. They are quite compact and it is their texture that contributes to this ice, because the aroma is released by the vortex. Hehehehe, it looks like red cookies and cream on the spoon when you pick it up (that's a good thing too). It is strange to have no cream cheese factor.

No, you do not need it, but most companies are part of it. I'm curious about what taste it has, but it goes fine without it. The hot tub is really the star here because it is wonderful and present. That said, it is not a hot tub match, but still fun. I have only mixed the last one and the man is so good. Such as cookies and cream with a high octane content.

Inside Second Scoop: Okay, maybe I'll take this ice for the third time today. I took it once in a breakfast with ice cream, once in the afternoon for a snack (the words you see above), and now one as my last snack of the day.

Call it a hopping day because it only had a small part of ice when we got home late at night. The biggest plus is the vortex. We have had it a few other times and it is truly one of the best weapons in Hill Arsenal, Turkey (not that they do not have excellent hot tubs). A snack with one or two snacks of cake is also a big advantage.

The only minor complaint you could make is that the taste of red velvet should be a bit stronger, but that's just a trick. The whirlpool and cake bites are too tasty and it is nice to destroy that flavor. Give it a chance if you can!

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