Baskin N Robbins Ice Cream Cake Middle East Reviews

In 1942, two men named Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins merged into a new chain of ice cream parlors called Baskin Robbins. Both are incongruent and had a different adventure in the same production before joining forces with the companies of Baskin and Robbins.

Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors that range from 21 to 31 numbers of flavors of ice cream. It was the first franchise supplier in the world with the first ice machine. Today Baskin Robbins makes various drinks, pies, packaged products and ice cream all over the world.

It is the largest franchise company in the world and has ice cream parlors in 30 countries. Generous peppermint chocolate. Very Berry Strawberry contains strawberries loaded with strawberries and vanilla cream contains praline with pieces of walnut pecanizada with caramel and sweet band.


Baskin Robbins makes many delicious drinks with vanilla, crispy waffle flavors mixed with vanilla ice cream with other products, fun pralines n Cream and Jamoca Almond Fudge. Other drinks are Orange Sunrise, Desert Oasis, Cappuccino Blast and Jammin 'Jamaica.


Variety of cakes in the market with the name of the roll cake, fudge cake, Berry Splendor chocolate fudge nut cake, chocolate cake and fantasy Unbelievable. Cake roll is covered around the chocolate cake and topped with chocolate and cream of bathing berries.


Serves diversity in Thunder Brownie ice cream waffle, waffle Berry Boom, Crazy Caramel Cone, Scoop Al Emlaaq, Strawberry Cheesecake, Brownie a la Mode, Banana Split and Banana Royale. They are delicious and oriental to eat during the trip.

Pre Packs:

Baskin Robbins is also the market leader in preparation products with 120 ml, pint, quart, half gallon and sliced gallon. For all pre-packaged products you can buy them in the supermarket or at Baskin Robbins.


It is not surprising to learn that two of the most popular smoothies are Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip and OREO® Cookies' n Cream. This month of March will be mixed into a uniform basic element for lovers of the decadent combination of mint and chocolate.

When you go to your next Baskin Robbins, you receive a golden sample. The sample size shakes measure 3.5 ounces, so it is not necessarily a shake that fits two stars. But bring a friend and you get the essence of this moment of sharing the smoothie.

And because we are all lucky this month, the flavor mixing possibilities of the Baskin Robbins shakes does not stop here. Of all the flavors of ice cream available to guests, you can combine your two favorites in a harmonious combination of dairy products.

Do not leave these questions to ask yourself. Mix them to leave your happiness! But an example of milkshakes this year is not the only way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Baskin Robbins. Customers can also buy a St. Patrick's cake, decorated with green glaze, a rainbow and even a pot of gold.

I do not know, but with this example of the free smoothie and the idea of an ice cream cake with St. Patrick's Day theme, I feel nervous about sugar. I thank our happy rainbow the whole month for offering these seasonal desserts. Baskin Robbins sometimes for an ice treatment. After all, it is a good month to buy and eat the ice cream, the smoothie and the cake!

When the culinary team at Baskin-Robbins made their last dessert, they knew they wanted to turn the popular Polar Pizza into a cake. If you have never had the pizza, there is a brownie or biscuit crust, ice cream and toppings, and you can really eat as a piece (also comes in a nice square box!).

The biscuit cake, available today in stores, is almost twice as big and festive AF. The cakes look like gigantic ice-cream sandwiches, with two rounds crusts stacked around a total of 20 ounces of ice. There is the Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Celebration Pie and the Oreo Cookie Cake from Fudge Brownie.

Both are delicious over the top, with whipped cream, rainbow splash, Oreos and fudge on both. The best part is that the crusts do not bake a bit, so they do not harden and are crunchy once the ice has been added.

The Baskin Robbins team showed us how they were made, and although I am not usually a big fan of ice cream cakes, I happily (and quickly) ate a whole piece. The cake makes the difference. Every taste of ice cream can go into the cake, including the two new flavors of Baskin Robbins, Boston Cream Pie and Horchata Ice.

The seasonal taste of Baskin, Horchata Ice, will be in stores for three months and was inspired by the sweet Spanish drink. The vegan knife, tastes like coconut and cinnamon and is much creamier than most sorbets. Both flavors are in store today.

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