Baskin Robbin Ice Cream Cake Flavors Recipe Review

Baskin Robbin ice cream cake, I am updating my previous review of this company. It has been intensively intensified and it has become much more organized than before. The new manager is much better and much more social. I think it's an excellent job. The environment is much cleaner and better organized.

And I still go here... I LOVE this place! The staff I work with on a daily basis are very professional and pleasant. Keep up the good work! I love delicious food and ice cream with a great selection.

Very disappointed that I left at 9:42 and the doors were closed. Google, Yelp, and the doors say 10 hours. I called to check that I was not confused and watched the boy press a button and send me a mailbox. This is a great place here. It is linked to a Togo, so you can also eat a sandwich. It is not too big, but it is clean.

The service is slow, but the staff is professionals. Just stop, because I felt like ice, a banana split. I know it is cold outside, but if you have a taste, you only have one taste. Baskin Robbins prices are not the cheapest, but if you want something, that is sometimes important.

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Parking is shared by many other companies, so you have to get in anywhere. This lot is full! You're going slowly today, but you should never expect too much at this time of the year, but if it changes once again, that's a different story.

Sometimes they do not have enough help to make something work. And they have to teach these young people how to perform different tasks. Ice customer service can use a slight improvement. Others, why they continue the good work...

I was there, I had the worst experience in customer service. Emma was rude and did not even greet me when I walked to the counter. It is always a problem when you come here. Whether the freezer has melted ice, there is no one behind the counter, if you want a sandwich, they do not have meat.

However, after I thought that there was just under six months in progress, I treated my children with ice and waited almost 15 minutes for someone to realize that we were there and offered to help us.

There was a girl in her back, repeatedly pulling her head out and then back, and when she called her, she said she was on vacation. We left and when we leave, an employee, she shouts that she is ready to help us.

Frustrated. I do with this place. I would not recommend that you come here. We ordered a Baskin robin ice cream cake for the birthday child on Holidays Eve ready for the day after the Holidays. We were so disappointed that we could not use a gift voucher with which we had to buy the cake online.

Well, we picked it up and ordered it anyway. Parking is plentiful, but you are tired when cars always come in and leave the parking lot. We entered the store to see the same ice-cream, cookies in the freezer, which were marked with a 50% discount.

That was a sting for our two hearts! How can we be duped twice during a party? Oh, well, although the cake was delicious, I cannot say that we will come back or recommend the location of this Baskin Robbin for fear of being shot.

I love being in a busy area with banal messages like shopping at Lowe's and then I look past the parking lot and see Baskin Robbins! When is there a better time for a break, sit back, relax and have a sweet and creamy ice cream dessert in the middle of the day?

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