Best Betty Crocker Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Betty Crocker ice cream cake, in the 1970s, when it was your birthday, your mother bought a box of Kuchenmix, made a cake of foil, then set a tin cake and stacked it with decorations for pastries Betty Crocker. He lit the candles with the same lighter on which he lit his cigarettes and said it would ever happen.

Or he did what my mother did, and bought a Baskin Robbins ice cream, which everyone was really impressed with, but to be honest, I hated it. The cake was always dry and the glaze was always hard and had a strange taste of frostbite.

But today I would do everything for the taste of this dry cake and the hard glaze. My daughter did not know the joy of a birthday cake from the 70s, she grew up in the Martha Stewart era and keeping options on. I'll be the first to admit that I hate to get stuck with "the Jones", but it happens.

For the fourth birthday of my daughter, I made "Pascale" muffins for her Rapunzel theme party. I have the recipe from a Disney affiliate website and I thought they were simple enough. When my daughter looked at the final product, she said, "I thought you were making Pascale cake?" She was right, they looked awful.

betty crocker ice cream cake roll 
His fifth birthday was the subject of Gnomeo and Juliet and I decided to give up options and make my own simple style. Some biscuits were covered with ice and decorated with random pieces of chocolate, making them look like mushrooms.

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The other half of the cupcakes were covered with a strawberry that looked like Julia's hat. His sixth birthday was a mermaid theme and this cake was a disaster. I started browsing Pinterest and was too sure of my ability to make a cake worthy of Pinterest. It took me hours to bake a cake that did not look like the picture.

I had to change my plan. What a soft cake with shells and starfish should be became a cake that looked like waves in the ocean. I continued to use the shells and starfish, I made it look like the cake with brown sugar was in the sand, and I melted the letters of my daughter's name from the rest of Welton chocolate.

It turns out that the error was better than the real one. She loved it and never complained that it did not look like the picture. On his eighth birthday, three years ago, I gave up the game Pinterest.

We were at Disneyland and his father was home. When we returned the day after his birthday, he made a cake and allowed him to freeze with cake decorations from Betty Crocker and decorate. She might have loved him more than any other cake.

That has become our tradition. A super simple cake, left in the pan, frosted from a can and decorated with love and Betty Crocker. I can tell you a secret: she knows the same and the mother is much more relaxed now that she is not trying to keep up with the Jones. Maybe Mama really knows better.

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And this cake the next morning with a bowl of milk?

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