Carvel Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe And Decorating Tutorial

Carvel Oreo ice cream cake, can you believe Mother's Day is only a week away? It is coming quickly and I must be prepared. I feel that this Mother's Day has been our greatest ever! It is not only my first Mother's Day, a day that I want to join for years, but it is also important for the centers and this year to celebrate our mothers.

Because they had twins in February, they were absolutely wonderful with all the help they gave us. What great women celebrate! And of course it should not be surprising that the cake is suitable for all parties.

Every kind of cake would make me happy, but today it's all about putting together a nice ice cream cake for mom. I was fully motivated to work with I Love Ice Cream Cakes, and made all kinds of ice cream cake, including the original Carvel® and OREO®, and taught them to decorate them in a fun way.

Since I was a child, we ate ice cream cake from Carvel! They are so classic and so good! Even with these special decorations you have flowers and pastels in one! It is a very nice cake for Mother's Day, which seems complicated, but it really is not.

It's just a matter of freezing the cake with whipped cream, sprinkling the white chocolate ganache over it and then a pair of spiral flowers. It combines quickly and everything you really need are the right tips for pipes: East and East.

carvel oreo ice cream cake ingredients

And since the cake is frozen, you can easily do it a few days later: score. Let's see how the cake is together. The first thing you need is real ice cream cake. I love ice cream cake has some delicious options. I used the OREO, but the original Carvel is of course a good choice.

Now they also have cookies with chocolate chips, strawberry chips and more, these choices! You want two of each cake you choose so that we can stack them. Once you have your cake, you want to make the whipped cream (recipe below). Spread some whipped cream on the first ice-cream cake, enough to fill the middle of the whistle already on the cake. Add the second cake at the beginning of the first cake.

How much do you like to see two delicious Oreo ice cream cakes stacked together?

Next: Separate a little of the remaining cream and color with green gel glaze. With the remaining whipped cream, share it. Reserve a small amount of the darker pink rose and color the rest with a lighter pink rose. I used a pink gel and made it a bit darker pink.

Use the brightest pink frost color on the outside of the cake. You can easily use a compensated spatula, or you can follow my other tutorial to glaze a soft cake. It is so easy with whipped cream, because it is light and easy to spread.

However, you must start the enamel process with crumbs. It will keep all those delicious OREO pieces around the cake, so that they do not appear in the finished design.

Be sure to replace the cake in the freezer as soon as you add the crumb so that the cake can be firm again. When finished, add the last layer of whipped cream and place it for a moment in the freezer. While the cake is in the freezer, make the ganache of white chocolate. You only need some white chocolate and a heavy cream.

You will want to do it before you can use it. It will not melt the whipped cream, but it will harden quickly, because the whipped cream will be very cold. Once you have made the ganache, spritz along the edges of the cake, pour the rest on the cake and spread it quickly along the edges of the cake.

Like I said, it stays fast because of the cold cake, so work quickly. The final steps are to add flowers and leaves. Start by making a flower ring around the cake in the bright pink shade and then add the dark pink flowers. Once the flowers are in place, select a few spots to add the leaves. And look there, done! What looks like a complicated cake is easy to put together and so beautiful!

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