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Delicious Fatboy Ice Cream Sandwiches Review On A Stick!

This recipe FatBoy Banana Split Kabobs are part of a FatBoy sponsored publication (clearly, ha-ha). The opinions expressed are ours. Enjoy a classic dessert of nostalgic ice cream in a new and fun way! This recipe FatBoy Banana Split Kabobs are the perfect treat for the summer party on a stick! With the rising temperatures we are constantly looking for ways to keep it cool on a hot day.

Now that it is summer, this is the best time to enjoy delicious frozen dishes. Especially because they help you to refresh yourself. I grew up in FatBoy ice cream sandwiches. There was something magical about the delicious cake layers that clung to my fingers when I ate them.

And the creamy and rich ice center. They are the original "cool of the old school". The FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches are the perfect nostalgic dessert, the other sandwiches with their thick and brings "enormous" size ashamed since 1925 You are called a FatBoy for a reason!

Your goal is not too thin. No, it's about giving yourself a special "earn it" treatment. The wide range of flavors includes S'mores, cookies and cream, chocolate with mint and even an original, dull and stereotyped vanilla.

Do you see why Skinny just is not his thing? FatBoy not only uses real ice cream, but also offers fun recipes for new ways to enjoy their sandwiches called FatterBoy. Have you tried a FatterBoy?

fatboy ice cream sandwich ingredients

There are many ways to "fatten" your FatBoy sandwich. I decided to make our own version of FatterBoy by creating Banana Split kabobs because the food is much more fun to eat from a stick!

The best thing about this FatBoy Banana Split Kabobs is that they are very easy to install and can be customized for each person! Like a normal banana division! To make the split skewer FatBoy Banana, you have to work quickly, otherwise the ice will melt.

So make sure you have all the ingredients ready before you take your FatBoy rolls out of the freezer. First, I always have a griddle in the freezer to cool it and put the split FatBoy Banana skewers once they are assembled in to help them defrost quickly.

Prepare your favorite ingredients in easy-to-understand trays. You can have an infinite variety of options for coverages. Today we went with crushed nuts, grated coconuts, sparks and toffee. You also need to wash and peel your strawberries, peel and cut the bananas.

You also have to make chocolate wet, but you do not have to melt it now. Yet, the chocolate waffles are ready to go into a bowl. Get your favorite FatBoy sandwiches out. Normal sizes work best here, but you could probably do it with the new Jr. sizes if you want.

Upon a roll and cut it into four square squares. Glide carefully over a fruit slice with a bamboo skewer (you can choose the banana or strawberry). Then slide into one of the squares of the FatBoy sandwiches.

Add another fruit slice. If you want to make a great FatBoy Banana Split Kabobs, add another FatBoy Sandwich. If you want a small FatBoy Banana Split kabobs, simply add two fruits and FatBoy sandwich in the middle.

You can switch between strawberry and bananas as you wish. Or you can make all the bananas if you want. If you have a child who does not like bananas, you can even skip it. But then you cannot call them FatBoy Banana Split kabobs.

Once you have assembled the FatBoy Banana Split skewers, place them on a sheet of parchment paper on the chilled baking tray. Then bring it another 20 minutes to 1 hour in the freezer to ensure that the ice is frozen and hard. It tends to be softer after being during installation, and you want it to freeze hard for the next step.

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